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The action or fact of adopting or being adopted.
  1. 'the widespread adoption of agricultural technology'
  2. 'Of course adoption services must give the full facts to prospective parents.'
  3. 'A number of myths exist about who may adopt and about the unwieldy processes which exist in adoption.'
  4. 'The cute toddler was put up for adoption within days of being born and has already overcome a liver transplant.'
  5. 'She enters into a pact with a doctor who helps her deliver the baby and give it up for adoption.'
  6. 'A Scotland on Sunday survey of adoption of the code in city centre pubs painted a mixed picture.'
  7. 'The adoption of fusionist policies by Lombards and Venetians alike proved futile.'
  8. 'When children need to live with a permanent new family adoption would always be considered first.'
  9. 'The net result was that the number of adoption applications began, inexorably, to fall.'
  10. 'I have never been able to discover exactly why she was given up for adoption.'
  11. 'They fear that it will adversely affect their position in the country of their adoption.'


1. the act of adopting: the adoption of a new amendment.

2. the state of being adopted.


"adoptionses can be without goings."
"communications can have adoptionses."
"children can have adoptionses."
"adoptionses can be in places."
"adoptionses can be in areas."
"adoptionses can be by things."
"adoptionses can rise in/at/on years."
"adoptionses can rise over years."
"adoptionses can decline for decades."



Middle English: from Latin adoptio(n-), from ad- ‘to’ + optio(n-) ‘choosing’ (see option).

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