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The administration of a business, organization, etc.
  1. as modifier 'admin staff'
  2. 'There are some days when I do admin all day and funnily enough I quite like that.'
  3. 'Eleven posts are to go from the STV studios, five producer-directors posts and two admin staff.'
  4. 'So I'm presently in the midst of a four-day stint of life admin between bouts of travel.'
  5. 'I don't mind doing all of my database admin from a command line; I just prefer not to.'
  6. 'Luckily, however, this year the festival admin could look to organisation for inspiration.'
  7. 'The way he spoke to messengers, admin staff and catering staff was a revelation.'
  8. 'Work is divided into different departments: kitchen, garden, admin, decorating.'
  9. 'The existing offices could continue as they are and be used by admin.'
  10. 'Employers can see she's a bright girl so she gets a job doing admin for a shipping company.'
  11. 'You see, they've hired a couple of girls there to do admin.'


1. administration; administrative work.

2. an administrative assistant: My admin will call you back with that information later today.

3. an administrator: government admins. adjective

4. of or relating to an administrator or to administrative functions: You can’t install computer programs without admin privileges.



1940s: abbreviation.

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