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Manage and be responsible for the running of (a business, organization, etc.)
  1. 'Land boards, composed of elected and appointed members, administer the allocation of tribal land.'
  2. 'All student organizations are administered by representatives.'
  3. 'The site is operated by the Pew Center on the States, a research organization administered by the University of Richmond.'
  4. 'Some, as Telberg suggests, say it's self-preservation: the holders will be required to join whatever organization ultimately administers it.'
  5. 'Skylink will manage and administer the airports.'
  6. 'Yang will continue to devote ‘a sufficient amount of his time and attention’ to direct and administer the group's business, the company said.'
  7. 'There is no doubt that the governmental department administering the railway industry, has the right to make adjustments to prices within the industry.'
  8. 'The reality is that, once the company had appointed him to administer its business there was nothing very much left for her to do in her capacity as director.'
  9. 'It will continue to administer the existing business in Salisbury.'
  10. 'Police training promoted and administered by domestic violence organizations have brought about undeniable improvements in the way police respond to domestic violence calls.'
  11. 'a Health and Safety agency would administer new regulations'
  12. 'The natural regulator for administering laws relating to investments is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.'
  13. 'Attorney Generals admitted it had not even asked the States - which make and administer the criminal law - for their views on possible gaps.'
  14. 'After legislation is passed, laws are administered through regulatory agencies (eg, state boards of nursing).'
  15. 'And if players are unwilling to take responsibility for naming names then they can hardly complain about those who attempt to administer the laws.'
  16. 'I actually don't have a problem with the law itself, nor indeed in most occasions, with the way in which the courts administer the law.'
  17. 'I'm old and tired and I don't want to administer these laws.'
  18. 'He was, in our respectful submission, doing nothing more and charged with nothing more than administering the law.'
  19. 'I could do nothing, in the face of the present attitudes and philosophies of those who administer our laws.'
  20. 'In sum, at both national and European levels, self-regulation may be a useful adjunct to statutory regulation administered by a public agency, but cannot replace it.'
  21. 'They were to keep the peace and defend the realm from attack, administer the law equitably and impartially, and uphold true religion and the Church.'
Dispense or apply (a remedy or drug)
  1. 'Though much of the current focus is on drugs, bar codes are also being used to increase the safety of medical devices used to administer those drugs.'
  2. 'The preoperative nurse or the anesthesia care provider administers a prophylactic antibiotic as requested by the surgeon.'
  3. 'New York institutions, the study found, were slow to administer drug therapies that effectively fight the illness.'
  4. 'Radiation therapy is administered two ways: externally or internally.'
  5. 'The nurse administers preoperative medications ordered by the anesthesia care provider or surgeon.'
  6. 'Nurses are taking over tasks from junior doctors administering intravenous drugs, doing endoscopies, preoperative assessment, and some prescribing.'
  7. 'Medical skills are needed to start intravenous lines, set up intravenous infusion sets, and measure out and administer the appropriate drugs.'
  8. 'Nurses usually prepared and administered intravenous drugs on the wards, but cytotoxic drugs were prepared centrally by the pharmacy department.'
  9. 'The steroid is administered intravenously in a dosage of 1 to 2 mg per kg every six to 12 hours.'
  10. 'It was noisy and filled with high-tech equipment for monitoring indicators of medical status and administering medications or other treatments.'
  11. 'retribution was administered to those found guilty'
  12. 'From the founding of Botany Bay to 1967, the punishment was administered as the ultimate penalty of the law, in great frequency during the convict era but much less so later.'
  13. 'All that's left is to decide whether she or her father should administer the punishment.'
  14. 'Besides she is his, shouldn't he be the one to administer any punishment?'
  15. 'Similar regulations on the Continent are either being ignored or blatantly flouted, with no punishment being administered by the member state.'
  16. '‘I volunteer to administer the punishment,’ she announced, raising her hand.'
  17. 'Physical punishment is administered, although parents tend to be indulgent with young children.'
  18. 'And he used to administer corporal punishment every morning to the boys.'
  19. 'A curious person in court then wanted to know if the man had anything to say while he was administering the punishment.'
  20. 'On the more practical side, we also have an Animal Protection Law, which administers effective punishments for misuse, abandoning and torture of animals.'
  21. 'In the words of the prosecuting lawyer Richard Horwell, ‘The plan was not only to find the thieves but to administer punishment’.'
  22. 'But if you're a sacramental church, you need priests to administer the sacraments.'
  23. 'The Sacrament will be administered by the priests at the ceremonies.'
  24. 'His fate seemed sealed when aides administered the Sacrament of Anointing, or last rites, on Thursday.'
  25. 'They had to preach, administer the sacraments and look after the spiritual welfare of the people.'
  26. 'Parish directors and lay ministers are asked to prepare candidates for baptism or marriage, then to step aside when a priest arrives to administer the sacraments.'
  27. 'The Bishop of Killaloe visited the parish to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation on the pupils of the local schools.'
  28. 'Bishop William Lee will administer the sacrament in St. Patrick's Church at 11 a.m.'
  29. 'The clergyman administered the Last Rite upon the departed.'
  30. 'His Lordship Dr. Bill Murphy Bishop of Kerry will administer the Sacrament to girls and boys who have been preparing for this special occasion for some time.'
  31. 'Parish priest Fr Francis McAteer administered the Last Rites at the scene.'
  32. 'he administered the Oath of Supremacy to Thomas Percy'
  33. 'Before administering the oath of an attorney, Judge Hilberman reminded me of four important values we should strive to uphold as attorneys.'
  34. 'Chief Justice John Marshall administers the oath of office to Andrew Jackson on the east portico of the U.S. Capitol on March 4, 1829.'
Give help or service.
  1. 'If oxytocin sounds familiar it's because you've heard about it before - it's what they administer to women to induce childbirth.'
  2. 'Three-quarters of the teachers could not pass the exams they administer to their students.'
  3. 'Guru Gobind Singh then begged them to administer to him the vows of initiation.'
  4. 'Both employ a vast staff of menials to administer to their favourites.'
  5. 'When war broke out, Japan started sending Taiwan's doctors and nurses to Southeast Asia to administer to wounded soldiers.'
  6. 'When they were toddlers, I was supplied with fluoride drops to administer to them when I attended ante-natal classes at the Queen Mother Hospital in Glasgow.'
  7. 'Once in Japan, the three surviving doctors are placed in concentration camps and continue to administer to the sick and wounded.'
  8. 'A green light flashed over the small inner hatch and the door swung open as Terry Reeve and a makeshift team of medics stormed in and began to administer to the wounded.'
  9. 'In his zeal to accumulate wealth, Mahmud neglected to administer to the lands he had conquered.'
  10. 'Thailand's beloved elephants need health care and skilled people to administer to the animals.'
((n.) Administrator.)


The courts administer the law.
The syringe is the instrument most commonly used to administer insulin.

Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin administrare, from ad- ‘to’ + ministrare (see ministration).

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