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The action or process of adjudicating.
  1. 'A current example, still under internal adjudication, relates to a Canadian medical student who was failed in his obstetrics rotation for his statement that he would not do abortions.'
  2. 'The process of adjudication involves a preliminary recommendation by the secretariat of the Authority to which the "advertiser" is invited to respond.'
  3. 'Barrett wrote on 13 October disagreeing, but having made its position clear, participated in the adjudication.'
  4. 'The process of adjudication involves not only the taking of the evidence but the formulation of the reasons for decision.'
  5. 'The purpose of the adjudication is to enable broad justice to be done between the parties.'
  6. 'Geneva does put some constraints on the handling and adjudication of detainees, but they were meaningless restraints.'
  7. 'In its third report, published in April 2000, the anti-corruption commission identified over fifty such cases for adjudication.'
  8. 'However there have been protests from parents against high levels of selection - leading to adjudications from the government's admissions watchdog.'
  9. '" There cannot be two channels for adjudication.'
  10. 'Simply, no constitution, not even the hugely long ones, can resolve all the issues that come before the courts for adjudication.'
  11. 'an adjudication had found a degree of unwarranted infringement of privacy'
  12. 'In 1978, Ireland became the first State to bring an inter-State complaint (against the United Kingdom) before a regional court for adjudication.'
  13. 'If the violators choose deferred adjudication, the judge typically increases the length of deferral by several months.'
  14. 'After the first adjudication, Tramore was placed 14th out of the 29 towns competing.'
  15. 'I must decide whether in the circumstances of this case there was an implied agreement between the parties that the Adjudicator should have jurisdiction to award costs of the adjudication.'
  16. 'Industrial action should not be used on rights issues at all because arbitration or adjudication can test the correctness of these decisions.'
  17. 'With the demise of organized militias, they contend, the right lost any relevance to constitutional adjudication.'
  18. 'The book then moves on to the law and paralegal adjudication of family matters.'
  19. 'But people are looking for a revitalisation of arbitration with a fixed timetable as a result of their experience with adjudication.'
  20. 'Lady Howe, the Chairman of the BSC and the Chairman of the panel which made the adjudication, provided an affidavit.'
  21. 'I certainly reject any submission that Dyson J. held that the rules of natural justice do not apply to adjudication.'
((n.) The act of adjudicating; the act or process of trying and determining judicially.|--|(n.) A deliberate determination by the judicial power; a judicial decision or sentence.|--|(n.) The decision upon the question whether the debtor is a bankrupt.|--|(n.) A process by which land is attached security or in satisfaction of a debt.|--|)


1. an act of adjudicating.

2. Law. the act of a court in making an order, judgment, or decree. a judicial decision or sentence. a court decree in bankruptcy.


"There can be adjudication committees."
"There can be adjudication systems."
"There can be adjudication processes."
"There can be adjudication sections."
"There can be adjudication orders."
"There can be adjudication tribunals."
"There can be adjudication sessions."
"There can be adjudication referrals."
"There can be adjudication purposes."
"There can be adjudication panels."
"There can be adjudication offices."
"There can be adjudication nights."
"There can be adjudication authorities."
"disputes can be adjudicated."
"claims can be adjudicated."
"courts can be adjudicated."
"cases can be adjudicated."
"adjudications can be within systems."
"adjudications can be towards expressions."
"adjudications can be over years."

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