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A greyish waxy substance formed by the decomposition of soft tissue in dead bodies subjected to moisture.
  1. 'But since her body had been converted into the wax-like adipocere, the stab marks were clearly visible.'
  2. 'The adipocere could have formed in these conditions and would have helped prevent the body decaying in the water.'
  3. 'To date only one other study of adipocere in grave soils has been performed.'
((n.) A soft, unctuous, or waxy substance, of a light brown color, into which the fat and muscle tissue of dead bodies sometimes are converted, by long immersion in water or by burial in moist places. It is a result of fatty degeneration.)

Early 19th century: from French adipocire, from Latin adeps, adip- ‘fat’ + French cire ‘wax’ (from Latin cera).

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