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A muscle whose contraction moves a limb or other part of the body towards the midline of the body or towards another part.
  1. 'Slide the blade into the oyster along the underside of the top shell, cutting the adductor muscle to release the oyster.'
  2. 'The adductor muscle group is often a source of pain in these overuse syndromes.'
  3. followed by Latin genitive 'adductor hallucis'
  4. 'As part of his strength regimen, he works his peroneal muscles (which run along the ankles) and his adductors (the muscles in your groin and inner thigh).'
  5. 'This also works the adductors (inner thigh, pulling muscle) and the abductors (outer thigh, pushing muscle).'
((n.) A muscle which draws a limb or part of the body toward the middle line of the body, or closes extended parts of the body; -- opposed to abductor; as, the adductor of the eye, which turns the eye toward the nose.)


1. any muscle that adducts (opposed to abductor).


"mandibles can have adductors."

Early 17th century: modern Latin, from Latin adduct- ‘brought in’, from the verb adducere (see adduce).

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