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The person to whom something is addressed.
  1. 'the need to state clearly the addressees of reports'
  2. 'And I know you're back, because I was one of the thirty-nine addressees on the generic email that you sent round.'
  3. 'So if I was not the intended addressee of the chain letter, I could harvest and sell the addresses.'
  4. 'My ballot papers arrived but with the wrongly-named addressee.'
  5. 'Perhaps the addressee already knows the information in the telegram because he has been watching over you.'
  6. 'Of the 536 questionnaires presumably delivered to addressees, 139 completed questionnaires were returned, yielding a 26% return rate.'
  7. 'All this is of course comes from the perspective of an addressee whom I have held to have been rather too well qualified.'
  8. 'The scam letter, which has already been sent to businesses in the area, falsely claims that the addressee must register under the Data Protection Act.'
  9. 'ProMobile claimed that it has received no such letter, while the French company insists it has proof that it has reached the addressee.'
  10. 'The postman is forced to meet the addressee only when registered posts or money orders are delivered.'
  11. 'One, sent to London, was delivered to the addressee the following day.'
((n.) One to whom anything is addressed.)


1. the person, company, or the like to whom a piece of mail is addressed.


"There can be addressee inclusions."
"addressees can be without referrings."
"addressees can be via writings."
"addressees can be via speeches."
"words can have addressees."
"utterances can have addressees."
"threats can have addressees."
"reports can have addressees."
"remarks can have addressees."
"opportunities can have addressees."
"applications can have addressees."
"addressees can be at times."

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