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Make (someone) unable to think clearly; confuse.
  1. '‘Your friend,’ stated Jeff and went to his own room, no doubt to immerse himself in all his stupid computer games that I was sure was addling his brain.'
  2. 'This damned heat has addled many people's wits, mine included: made us sluggish, unquestioning, apathetic.'
  3. 'It must have really addled his brain for him not to understand something this basic and this obvious.'
  4. 'Was it conceivable that the drugs he had been given for pain had permanently addled his brain?'
  5. 'We're addled by Arizona's talent, impressed by the Wildcats' intensity, and downright dipsy-doodled by their depth.'
  6. 'Try as I may, though, it's been a dull day, with my brain partly addled by pain-killers.'
  7. 'The drugs have addled him so much that it takes pot, alcohol, ecstasy, Special K and GHB to give him that special happy feeling now when he goes out.'
  8. 'The fact that she was even considering the idea showed that he'd quite addled her brain, she thought.'
  9. 'Has that second bottle of Beaujolais addled his brain, inducing some kind of hallucinatory fever?'
(of an egg) become rotten, producing no chick.
  1. 'There she was, sitting as usual, and I was so concerned, believing that due to my interference all the eggs had addled—for I thought the hatching time was three weeks.'
  2. 'At 106 degrees, the eggs will addle (become unviable) or nestlings will die of heat stress.'


Not clear or cogent; muddled.
    (of an egg) rotten.
      ((p. pr. & vb. n.) of Addle)

      Middle English (in addle (sense 2 of the adjective)): from Old English adela ‘liquid filth’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch aal and German Adel ‘mire, puddle’.

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