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A substance added to something in small quantities to improve or preserve it.
  1. 'Imagine a company sneaking additives and preservatives into something you eat without telling you.'
  2. 'Vine weevil, the gardener's worst enemy, is often properly controlled by chemical compost additives.'
  3. 'Natural additives like beer or lemon juice add benefits like body or shine.'
  4. 'Filtering drinking water to remove toxic copper, lead, pesticides, chloride and additives is also recommended.'
  5. 'Campaigners today called for clearer labelling of additives on food and drink products.'
  6. 'It's also an easy way to avoid artificial additives, pesticides and GM ingredients.'
  7. 'Most nail products contain chemicals and additives that can actually end up damaging your nails.'
  8. 'We eat convenience foods high in e-numbers, fats, carbohydrates, salts and additives.'
  9. 'The finding was instrumental in getting lead additives banned from gasoline in that country.'
  10. 'You can hardly complain about people who want to produce food uncontaminated by artificial chemicals and additives.'


Characterized by, relating to, or produced by addition.
  1. 'These rates are greater than expected for additive or multiplicative effects of the single mutations.'
  2. 'The period length of the double mutant strains was close to values predicted from assuming an additive or multiplicative effect from each mutation.'
  3. 'A third possibility is that structural position and self-monitoring may have relatively independent, additive effects on performance in organizations.'
  4. 'Many problems in evolutionary biology involve evolution of traits controlled by multiple genes of approximately additive effect.'
  5. 'There was no significant advantage to any screening policy, and the addition of more screening tests did not produce an additive effect.'
  6. 'For both outcomes, Model A examined the simple additive effects and Model B examined the more complex interactions between the gender of the respondent and the source of support.'
  7. 'Research suggests that the different factors have an additive effect.'
  8. 'The new results include measurements of temperature and additive effects and kinetics modeling of the DPH curves.'
  9. 'When environmental factors also play a role in the development of a trait, the term multifactorial is used to refer to the additive effects of many genetic and environmental factors.'
  10. 'He attributes this to their clumsy numeration system, a hybrid of the Babylonian sexagesimal system and an additive system in which each letter of the Greek alphabet stood for one value.'
  11. 'the video monitor uses the additive colours red, green, and blue'
  12. 'The three types of cones are often, and somewhat misleadingly, equated with Maxwell's additive primaries of red, blue, and green.'
  13. 'That of a primary colour will be a mixture of the two other primaries: the additive complement of red is cyan, the subtractive complement is green.'


1. something that is added, as one substance to another, to alter or improve the general quality or to counteract undesirable properties: an additive that thins paint.

2. Nutrition. Also called food additive. a substance added directly to food during processing, as for preservation, coloring, or stabilization. something that becomes part of food or affects it as a result of packaging or processing, as debris or radiation. adjective

3. characterized or produced by addition; cumulative: an additive process.

4. Mathematics. (of a function) having the property that the function of the union or sum of two quantities is equal to the sum of the functional values of each quantity; linear.


"There can be additive divisions."
"There can be additive ventures."
"There can be additive storages."
"There can be additive products."
"There can be additive groups."
"There can be additive coses."
"There can be additive companies."
"There can be additive businesses."
"additives can be in foods."
"additives can be other than tobaccos."
"additives can be in feeds."
"additives can be for livestocks."
"additives can be other than people/places/organizations."
"additives can be from people/places/organizations."
"additives can be to plastics."
"additives can be to lubricants."
"percents can have additives."
"additives can be into groups."
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"additives can replace leads as constituents."
"additives can reduce people to levels."
"additives can provide substitutes for leads."
"additives can play roles down growths."
"additives can give ups with spillages."
"additives can enlarge pools in/at/on percents."
"additives can contaminate tapwaters in places."
"additives can boost octanes in fuels."
"additives can be for months."
"additives can sell to consumers."
"additives can replace as constituents."
"additives can remain in supplies."
"additives can reduce to levels."
"additives can provide for leads."
"additives can play down growths."
"additives can plant at costs."
"additives can infringe upon patents."
"additives can gum of cars."
"additives can give with spillages."
"additives can enlarge in/at/on percents."

Late 17th century (as an adjective): from late Latin additivus, from Latin addit- ‘added’, from the verb addere (see add). The noun dates from the 1940s.

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