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The action or process of adding something to something else.
  1. 'The sweltering conditions will run into the middle of next week with the addition of the odd thunderstorm.'
  2. 'With the addition of a few commas and the striking out of the one paragraph, the deal already on the table will finally go through.'
  3. 'The colour range favours warm and tropical colours, with the addition of blue and sea green.'
  4. 'You can make them more formal with the addition of a diamanté brooch to use as a clasp on the front or the back.'
  5. 'A community transport scheme has been given a major boost with the addition of an extra vehicle.'
  6. 'This is not the case these days; with the addition of violence, things have turned a bit uglier.'
  7. 'It can work on hair that is fine or thin with the addition of hair pieces or extensions.'
  8. 'The garden will continue to be developed in the future with the addition of an aromatic walkway planned for next year.'
  9. 'The camera obscura box reproduced these conditions and clarified the images with the addition of a lens.'
  10. 'At a later stage they were subsequently sold as Van Goghs, occasionally with the addition of a false signature.'
  11. 'you will find the coat a useful addition to your wardrobe'
  12. 'Students will not have to pay for these additions until we begin to use the facilities.'
  13. 'They too have a number of big additions to their side from last year in attack.'
  14. 'The new design was intended to create more internal space, which meant stripping away the additions at the back.'
  15. 'There are lots of new additions showcased and you're sure to find something interesting.'
  16. 'With many riders returning, there are also many new promising additions to the club.'
  17. 'A survival course is one of the latest additions to the club's list of extreme sports.'
  18. 'Other new additions include a search facility from Google and an expanded links section.'
  19. 'We'll be watching forthcoming additions to Guardian Unlimited with interest.'
  20. 'Even beetroot and spinach can be rendered palatable with a little juicing and some judicious additions.'
  21. 'But opposition councillors found a number of unexplained additions in the report.'
The process of calculating the total of two or more numbers or amounts.
  1. 'That is addition, multiplication and the two inverse operations of subtraction and division.'
  2. 'Basically they had to devise methods of multiplication and division which only involved addition.'
  3. 'She showed that babies can even do addition and subtraction, of a rudimentary sort.'
  4. 'They are great at the game of subtraction, when the game of parliamentary politics is addition.'
  5. 'The Count Hoot section of the site helps with addition and subtraction as well.'
  6. 'To see the sort of difficulty that can arise, let us consider addition first.'
  7. 'The only way is up - addition works in three dimensions but what about multiplication?'
  8. 'If the slip is accompanied by a number of items, the payee's addition of the sums is verified.'
  9. 'We were reviewing vector addition this evening at a study session.'
  10. 'If you want to know the total force which is exerted on the body, you have to carry out a vector addition.'
  11. 'Superimposing the two logical operations we can define binary addition.'
((n.) The act of adding two or more things together; -- opposed to subtraction or diminution.|--|(n.) Anything added; increase; augmentation; as, a piazza is an addition to a building.|--|(n.) That part of arithmetic which treats of adding numbers.|--|(n.) A dot at the right side of a note as an indication that its sound is to be lengthened one half.|--|(n.) A title annexed to a man's name, to identify him more precisely; as, John Doe, Esq.; Richard Roe, Gent.; Robert Dale, Mason; Thomas Way, of New York; a mark of distinction; a title.|--|(n.) Something added to a coat of arms, as a mark of honor; -- opposed to abatement.|--|)


1. the act or process of adding or uniting.

2. the process of uniting two or more numbers into one sum, represented by the symbol +.

3. the result of adding.

4. something added.

5. a wing, room, etc., added to a building, or abutting land added to real estate already owned.

6. Chemistry. a reaction in which two or more substances combine to form another compound. Idioms

7. in addition to, as well as; besides: In addition to directing the play, she designed most of the scenery.


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Late Middle English: from Latin additio(n-), from the verb addere (see add).

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