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Something that has been or can be added to an existing object or arrangement.
  1. 'A few hours later she drove away in her vehicle of choice - purchased on her terms, with no expensive extras or add-ons.'
  2. 'Other add-ons included neatly tucked but well-lit steel running boards, sunroof, adjustable pedals, effective back-up sensors, and more.'
  3. 'Selecting from a large choice of add-ons will automatically update the retail price of the car at the bottom of the customer's screen.'
  4. 'Optional add-ons include horse-riding, canyoning, and whale-watching in the Straits of Gibraltar.'
  5. 'The dealer put me on a tariff for £25 a month with 500 minutes inclusive talk-time and an add-on pack for an extra £5 for 75 texts a month.'
  6. 'In the end, both of the bonus tracks come off as inessential add-ons included for marketing, rather than musical, reasons.'
  7. 'The evening shifts and the distance education courses are add-ons; they provide an element of flexibility to the students.'
  8. 'Skilful driving is rewarded with funds to customise cars, with the usual array of add-ons and fine-tuning tricks that armchair boy-racers drool over.'
  9. 'The product is an add-on to an existing or new security system and provides a more sophisticated level of monitoring and notification.'
  10. 'Well, there's supposed to be the incentive of bonus material, but the extra add-ons to the disc prove to be anything but a ‘bonus.’'
  11. as modifier 'now you can get the incredible sound of compact disc without getting an add-on amplifier'
  12. 'It will probably never appear in the official kernel, but can be used as an add-on package to increase the security of your Linux system.'
  13. 'Most products are currently add-on devices - Bluetooth needs to be integrated before it will gain ground in the marketplace.'
  14. 'Setting a secure password policy with no enforcement mechanism would have been pointless, so Burnette installed an add-on system component that would allow them to enforce it.'
  15. 'For example, consider a computerized appointment calendar that we might want to build as an add-on module to our existing address book.'
  16. 'And as more people use a particular package, more developers become trained in customizing the system and more software add-ons are created.'
  17. 'This add-on security software operates with the new BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0 for Microsoft ® Exchange and Java-based handhelds.'
  18. 'They don't limit themselves with integrating wireless controllers directly into the mainboard or adding a special-purpose add-on card as an accessory.'
  19. 'SolidWorks is an excellent program, and when you include its add-ons and third-party products, it becomes a formidable tool and suite that continues to raise the bar in 3D mechanical design.'
  20. 'The disadvantage was that the bridge/router was a fairly expensive add-on device.'


1. a device or unit added to equipment or a construction: an add-on to a computer; a nice add-on to an old house.

2. an extra charge: Add-ons for taxes and tour guide fees boosted the price of the vacation to $2,500.

3. an additional item, as a rider or provision: This is just another legislative add-on.

4. anything added on: a hi-fi system that can be augmented with add-ons like extra speakers. adjective

5. being installed or provided as an add-on: an add-on speaker system.


"add-ons can be with houses."
"add-ons can be to programmes."
"add-ons can be to policies."
"add-ons can be to issues."
"add-ons can be to contracts."
"margins can have add-ons."
"add-ons can be in absences."
"add-ons can be for organizations."
"add-ons can be for networks."
"add-ons can be by people/places/organizations."
"add-ons can be as measures."
"add-ons can be as per laws."
"add-ons can content policies in/at/on years."
"add-ons can request in/at/on years."
"add-ons can content in/at/on years."
"add-ons can check before people."

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