Noun Add-in Definition and Examples





A device or piece of software that can be added to a computer to give extra features or functions.
  1. 'the latest add-ins'
  2. 'The chipset uses the ExpressCard add-in format.'
  3. 'But the Power Mac is a special case in that its graphics are add-ins, so Apple can pretty much bundle whatever board takes its fancy.'


1. a component, as a video card or chip, added to a computer to expand its capabilities.

2. a small software program that adds a feature to another application.


"add-ins can be for spreadsheets."
"add-ins can let things on disks."
"add-ins can let with files."
"add-ins can let on disks."
"add-ins can go in/at/on ways."
"add-ins can go to things."

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