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Church History. A member of any of a number of sects, both in the early church and later, who imitated the biblical Adam by going naked, typically as a symbol of purity.
    A person who is descended from the biblical Adam, especially a member of a specific branch of humanity derived from the biblical Adam rather than some other ancestor.
      Specifically. A white Caucasian. Now chiefly historical.


        Descended or deriving from the biblical Adam.


          A zinc mineral occurring as yellow, green, or colourless crystals or crystal aggregates.
            ((n.) A descendant of Adam; a human being.|--|(n.) One of a sect of visionaries, who, professing to imitate the state of Adam, discarded the use of dress in their assemblies.|--|)

            Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Geological Magazine. From the name of G. J. Adam, French mineralogist, who supplied the first specimens of the mineral + -ite, after French adamine adamine.

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