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(in the biblical and Koranic traditions) the name of the first man. According to the Book of Genesis, Adam was created by God as the progenitor of the human race and lived with Eve in the Garden of Eden.
    ((n.) The name given in the Bible to the first man, the progenitor of the human race.|--|(n.) "Original sin;" human frailty.|--|)


    It is Eve that sets Adam on.
    While Adam was rock-climbing, he fell and broke his leg.
    If Adam and Eve were the first and up to that point only people, who did beget their grandchildren?
    Some creationists believe that Adam and Eve had no navels, and that the trees in the Garden of Eden had no growth rings.
    Why did Adam eat the forbidden fruit?
    Crucifixion, therefore, or any other particular manner of dying, made no part of the sentence that Adam was to suffer, and consequently, even upon their own tactic, it could make no part of the sentence that Christ was to suffer in the room of Adam.
    And consequently, the act of dying on the part of Jesus Christ, must, according to their system, apply as a prevention to one or other of these two things happening to Adam and to us.
    And the Lord God built the rib which He took from Adam into a woman.
    Who the hell is Adam Kadmon?
    The children of Adam are limbs of each otherHaving been created of one essence.When the calamity of time afflicts one limbThe other limbs cannot remain at rest.If you have no sympathy for the troubles of othersYou are not worthy to be called by the name of "man".
    Eve gave Adam the apple of knowledge.

    From Hebrew 'āḏām ‘man’, later taken to be a name.

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