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The ability to make good judgements and take quick decisions.
  1. 'They seem genuinely surprised when the venture capitalists quite reasonably question their lack of business acumen.'
  2. 'But generally I prefer policies that demonstrate a scintilla of common sense and financial acumen.'
  3. 'He said pilots would be chosen for their tactical acumen, ability to learn quickly and common sense.'
  4. 'His business acumen saw him build and purchase hotels in Galway and Dublin.'
  5. 'He went to law school and struck it rich through the exercise of great acumen in the oil business.'
  6. 'His business acumen has seen the centre firmly established as a benchmark for the industry.'
  7. 'His friends say what he lacks in political savvy he makes up in business acumen.'
  8. 'With his footballing background and business acumen, he seemed the ideal choice for this highly prestigious position.'
  9. 'Councils need to be run by managers with initiative and a high level of business acumen.'
  10. 'At the same time, many of the vice-presidents offer specialised skills, knowledge and business acumen.'
((n.) Quickness of perception or discernment; penetration of mind; the faculty of nice discrimination.)


1. keen insight; shrewdness: remarkable acumen in business matters.


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Late 16th century: from Latin, ‘sharpness, point’, from acuere ‘sharpen’ (see acute).

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