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Sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing.
  1. 'visual acuity'
  2. 'His vitality, acuity and integrity remain intact.'
  3. 'New research by psychologists in the United States argues that ordinary social contact is at least as useful as more formal intellectual activities in preserving mental acuity.'
  4. 'But what is not as widely known is that diabetes also causes cognitive decline, from a subtle loss of mental acuity to a heightened risk for Alzheimer's disease.'
  5. 'One of the authors treated an otherwise healthy 30-year old female with poor acuity, impaired night vision, and myopia.'
  6. 'Here though, I'm uncertain whether Boshoff's chosen subject matter is able to carry both his intellectual acuity and visual dexterity.'
  7. 'The acuity of hearing and vision may deteriorate.'
  8. 'Although their hearing thus lacks acuity, anatomical studies suggest that their vomeronasal and olfactory systems are well developed.'
  9. 'It begins with observation, with reporting, rendering the facts of our inner and outer reality with acuity sharpened by imagination.'
  10. 'Visual acuity is an important element of good vision, but not the only element.'
  11. 'I have a hearing loss that limits my hearing acuity and comprehension to less than 50 per cent.'
((n.) Sharpness or acuteness, as of a needle, wit, etc.)


1. sharpness; acuteness; keenness: acuity of vision; acuity of mind.


"There can be acuity patients."
"There can be acuity management systems."
"There can be acuity differences."
"senses can have acuities."
"senses can have acuities."
"eyesights can have acuities."
"definitions can have acuities."
"acuities can be in sights."
"acuities can be in senses."
"acuities can be in hearings."
"acuities can be in eyes."
"acuities can be in dominances."

Late Middle English: from Old French acuite or medieval Latin acuitas, from Latin acuere ‘sharpen’ (see acute).

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