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Make (a machine or device) operate.
  1. 'The control unit also has a receiver electrically connected to the relay switch and is adapted to receive a control signal for actuating the relay switch.'
  2. 'When we actuated the gear lever, only the right main gear went down and locked into position.'
  3. 'In automatic mode it actuates the hydraulic valves that control the blade.'
  4. 'The hydraulic lifter actuates one end of the roller finger, while the other end actuates the valve.'
  5. 'Because the pushrod doesn't actuate the valve, no combustion takes place.'
  6. 'Levers can incorporate interlocks, requiring the user to actuate a release mechanism before he or she can move the lever.'
  7. 'Applying a voltage between the electrodes and the mobile plate actuates the mirror.'
  8. 'The guns are actuated by a three-way switch on the spade grip of the stick.'
  9. 'The valves are actuated via drag arms from twin, contra-rotating camshafts.'
  10. 'As the engine was lowered, the lanyard had actuated a valve that drove the hoist to its stowed position.'
Make (someone) act in a particular way; motivate.
  1. 'Proof by the claimant that the defendant was actuated by express malice removes the privilege.'
  2. 'On appeal to the Court of Appeal, the defendant successfully argued that his belief that everything he said was true made it impossible as a matter of law to find that he was actuated by malice.'
  3. 'My chums weren't actuated by a desire to impose some superior code of behaviour on others; their motivation was purely selfish.'
  4. 'Yes, that is looking at ‘political’ even on a narrow view, that is, as what might ultimately actuate voters in exercising rights under sections 7, 24 or 128 of the Constitution.'
  5. 'Fitzwood's case is that when the trustee made its decision… it was actuated by malice -'
  6. 'Twenty percent of the damages were found to be attributable to the laying of the charges for which no damages were recoverable because of the findings the defendants' conduct was not actuated by malice.'
  7. 'Could a jury properly directed, and seeking dutifully to comply with the relevant directions, conscientiously reach a conclusion that the applicants were actuated by malice or not?'
  8. 'He misses the point, and I would put this down to his customary sloppiness if it wasn't that, in his other misrepresentations of my published views, he seems to be actuated by malice as well.'
((p. pr. & vb. n.) of Actuate)

Late 16th century: from medieval Latin actuat- ‘carried out, caused to operate’, from the verb actuare, from Latin actus (see act). The original sense was ‘carry out in practice’, later ‘stir into activity, enliven’; actuate (sense 1) dates from the mid 17th century.

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