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A person who compiles and analyses statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums.
  1. 'Hubbard believes in training managers to measure risk the way actuaries do.'
  2. 'The company said that its actuaries calculate their subscription rates on the likely claims made in the year, and on the overall climate of litigation within that speciality.'
  3. 'As well as teaching at the University of Copenhagen, he was the chief actuary for an insurance company.'
  4. 'Each year a report is produced by the trustees of your pension scheme and every three years there is a valuation by actuaries, who analyse financial risk.'
  5. 'We also provide modeling support to the actuaries working on customized insurance products for insurers or large corporations.'
  6. 'Life expectancy is a term used by actuaries, people who calculate statistics and probability for insurance use.'
  7. 'He was an actuary in the Skandia Insurance Company from 1904 to 1907.'
  8. 'With a retirement income fund, actuaries would calculate how much must stay in the fund to ensure the pensioner would never need to fall back on the state.'
  9. 'I am a pension actuary with 27 years' experience working with traditional defined-benefit pension plans.'
  10. 'Nicholson questioned insurance actuaries about their profession.'
((n.) A registrar or clerk; -- used originally in courts of civil law jurisdiction, but in Europe used for a clerk or registrar generally.|--|(n.) The computing official of an insurance company; one whose profession it is to calculate for insurance companies the risks and premiums for life, fire, and other insurances.|--|)

noun, plural actuaries.

1. Insurance. a person who computes premium rates, dividends, risks, etc., according to probabilities based on statistical records.

2. (formerly) a registrar or clerk.


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Mid 16th century (originally denoting a clerk or registrar of a court): from Latin actuarius ‘bookkeeper’, from actus (see act). The current sense dates from the mid 19th century.

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