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The state of existing in reality.
  1. 'Lately, most of us have inhabited the space between the terrible actuality and these daydreams.'
  2. 'Sadra warns against the idea that potentiality is prior to actuality in an absolute sense.'
  3. 'If ever the world needed a symbol of the potency of the threat that confronts us all, here it was as frightful actuality.'
  4. 'The track is nearly seven minutes long, but, in actuality, it feels almost too short.'
  5. 'Christianity's foundation centers around the actuality of one event in history.'
  6. 'I want to relate the actuality, the reality of the contemporary performance piece to classical traditions.'
  7. 'It is that sense of actuality created that helps make the film so very unnerving.'
  8. 'In theory it is great, but when you are doing it in actuality you run into problems that you never envisaged.'
  9. 'Autobiographical immediacy gives his fictitious reign of terror gritty actuality.'
  10. 'Here the audience is confronted by the transfer of energy and force from concept into actuality.'
  11. 'the grim actualities of prison life'
  12. 'Truth relates to actualities and objectives external to human perception - insofar as we can prove it, rain is only the precipitation of water vapour in the atmosphere.'
  13. 'Nostalgia about the World War II era has obscured the actualities of that period, with partisan and domestic politics not simply disappearing after Pearl Harbor.'
  14. 'He sees not only the actualities in a man, he also sees the possibilities.'
  15. 'Thomas Paine once wrote, ‘We can only reason from what is; we can reason on actualities, but not on possibilities.’'
  16. 'His ideas gave passion to his life - and blinded him to the actualities around him.'
  17. 'These possibilities and actualities turn Berry from a doomsaying prophet into a trusted guide and even a friend, a sharer of hope.'
  18. 'They have tended to advocate a certain view of Russia's prospects and of the East-West relationship that may not be warranted by the actualities of the situation.'
  19. 'Morality is concerned with how one ought to act rather than actualities such as what one does or might do given impunity from consequences.'
  20. 'Only the most naive ideology could give the same place to this forecast that it does to the political actualities of the German labour movement.'
  21. 'When do such actualities in the real world of our experience necessarily reshape beliefs inherited from another world and time?'
((n.) The state of being actual; reality; as, the actuality of God's nature.)

noun, plural actualities.

1. actual existence; reality.

2. an actual condition or circumstance; fact: Space travel is now an actuality.


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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘activity’): from Old French actualite or medieval Latin actualitas, from actualis ‘active, practical’, from actus (see act).

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