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A person whose profession is acting on the stage, in films, or on television.
  1. 'Much of the funding for this organisation comes from Hollywood actors and actresses.'
  2. 'Fincher usually gets great performances from his actors, and this film was no different.'
  3. 'It's my social commitment as an actor to perform the role and to do justice to it.'
  4. 'This is not uncommon in Allen's films - actors love working with him and he always gets the best out of them.'
  5. 'It comes across as a film made by actors with more talent than the script can serve.'
  6. 'There are two basic types of male film actor - leading men and character players.'
  7. 'It is his honesty and that of his actors that gives the film its authenticity.'
  8. 'Brody was named best actor, while the film also took the best screenplay award.'
  9. 'I think at that time I was narrowing it down to working as an actor in film and theatre, or as a director.'
  10. 'As a stage actor and, lately, a television star, he is probably the last person you would think of as a playwright of note.'
  11. 'He went back into hiding, the shrunken, self-parodying actor within the huge carcass of a body.'
A participant in an action or process.
  1. 'There was a deeper concern about the rationality, not just of the actors in the process, but of deterrence as a whole.'
  2. 'It is to their commercial advantage, but more important they are key social actors.'
  3. 'Interaction: a cyclic process in which two actors alternately listen, think and speak.'
  4. 'Both actors compete for public support and governance becomes a contested arena.'
  5. 'As a result we now need to consider the Council Secretariat as much more of an actor in the policy process than hitherto.'
  6. 'The expectation is that the action defines what is terrorism rather than the actor.'
  7. 'As a result, actors in the food system - processors, wholesalers, input dealers, and the like - have had to be creative in order to sustain their growth.'
  8. 'In this sense the ECJ has proved itself to be an autonomous actor in the process of European integration.'
  9. 'As with other systems of human rights, enforcement remains in the domain of political actors.'
  10. 'The UN is a pluralistic body with conflicting institutions and actors within it.'
((n.) One who acts, or takes part in any affair; a doer.|--|(n.) A theatrical performer; a stageplayer.|--|(n.) An advocate or proctor in civil courts or causes.|--|(n.) One who institutes a suit; plaintiff or complainant.|--|)


1. a person who acts in stage plays, motion pictures, television broadcasts, etc.

2. a person who does something; participant.


"There can be actor pauls."
"There can be actor categories."
"There can be actor studios."
"There can be actor nominees."
"There can be actor nominations."
"There can be actor husbands."
"There can be actor honours."
"There can be actor sirs."
"There can be actor friends."
"There can be actor trainings."
"There can be actor sons."
"There can be actor prizes."
"There can be actor managers."
"There can be actor jacks."
"There can be actor wowses."
"There can be actor windows."
"There can be actor views."
"There can be actor unions."
"There can be actor strikes."
"There can be actor steals."

Late Middle English (originally denoting an agent or administrator): from Latin, ‘doer, actor’, from agere ‘do, act’.

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