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Casual, comfortable clothing suitable for sport or exercise.
  1. 'Under the terms of the agreement, it will produce and market men's and boys' active wear and hats.'
  2. 'The company is a leader in the activewear, casualwear, imprintables and team uniform business.'
  3. 'Based on that experience, the company was awarded the license to produce men's activewear in '98, and today does about $25 million in annual sales.'
  4. 'The hosiery and intimate apparel manufacturer has expanded to casual wear and active wear.'
  5. 'He jumped into the fashion world in 1992, introducing urban-culture-inspired sportswear, outerwear, activewear, underwear, loungewear, fragrances and accessories.'
  6. 'The Los Angeles industry has been very successful in the juniors and activewear markets, especially in the budget price point and moderate price point categories.'
  7. 'European designers and activewear manufactures are "reissuing" their old styles in limited editions.'
  8. 'You want plenty of the former - shoes on customers ' feet, getting dirty in active wear that will keep them coming back for more.'
  9. 'In effort to keep up with vintage starving fashionistas, European designers and activewear manufacturers are ‘reissuing ‘their old styles in limited editions.’'
  10. '" The business is transforming, and activewear is become a much broader category, and beginning to include more outdoor and urban looks.'
  11. 'In fabrics that were popular for both activewear and sportswear, the Switzerland-based firm showed a new group of textiles made of high-tech aramid fibers, which are tougher than steel.'
  12. 'Each new request that she received for her company's activewear in 2004 was bittersweet.'
  13. 'She wants stylish activewear carefully designed for women's bodies.'
  14. 'The smallest unit is men's and boys' activewear.'
  15. 'The firm expects to apply the technology to skiing-, cycling- and activewear - part of the $41 billion performance-apparel market.'
  16. 'In addition to comfortable casual wear, this site is a great source for fitness and active wear.'
  17. 'Basically, you go through the categories, and it can be very specific: activewear, bottoms, tops, etc.'


1. sportswear (def 1).

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