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Any of a group of substances with antibiotic and antineoplastic properties originally isolated from soil-dwelling microorganisms (actinomycetes) of the genus Streptomyces (formerly Actinomyces).

    noun, Pharmacology.

    1. any of a group of related antibiotics derived from several species of streptomyces bacteria, used against susceptible bacteria and fungi and in the treatment of various cancers.


    "actinomycins can be from sites."
    "actinomycins can be without additions."
    "actinomycins can be with fragments."
    "actinomycins can be under conditions."
    "actinomycins can be on structures."
    "actinomycins can be from tyrs."
    "actinomycins can be from polylinkers."
    "actinomycins can be from fragments."
    "actinomycins can be from dnas."
    "actinomycins can be at people/places/organizations."
    "actinomycins can dissociate from people/places/organizations."
    "actinomycins can have on phases."
    "actinomycins can dissociate in sequences."
    "actinomycins can dissociate from organizations."
    "actinomycins can dissociate at locations."
    "actinomycins can bind with affinities."
    "actinomycins can bind to sites."
    "actinomycins can bind to organizations."
    "actinomycins can be in proximities."

    1940s. From scientific Latin Actinomyces Actinomyces + -in.

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