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The branch of science concerned with the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances.
  1. 'In most schools the disciplines of physics, biology and chemistry have given way to a broader study of ‘science’ worth two GCSEs.'
  2. 'Clearly, empirically derived premises are more relevant to empirical sciences like physics and chemistry.'
  3. 'Industrial chemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with raw materials.'
  4. 'We are also very interested in those with physics, computer science, mathematics and chemistry backgrounds.'
  5. 'He studied physics as his main subject but took mathematics, astronomy and chemistry as minor subjects.'
  6. 'He lectured on analysis, physics, mechanics, chemistry, and engineering topics.'
  7. 'Those of you in the field of medicine, chemistry or occult sciences will be successful.'
  8. 'In any event, there seems no doubt that chemistry was the science of choice for Romantics.'
  9. 'Many Swedish Americans have become distinguished in the field of science, especially in chemistry and physics.'
  10. 'This study provides a new tool to botanical scientists by merging areas of materials science, chemistry and plant biology.'
  11. count noun 'the chemistries of other galaxies'
  12. 'Parker's body chemistry is drastically altered after the accidental bite.'
  13. 'Once the transfer layer is exposed, the gas chemistry for the reactive ion etch consists of oxygen alone.'
  14. 'Not surprisingly, since the target molecules vary, insecticide chemistries vary.'
  15. 'AGB stars in which the abundance of carbon atoms exceeds that of oxygen atoms have chemistries dominated by carbon and are known as carbon stars.'
  16. 'The widespread frequency of serum blood chemistry analyses in medicine requires an appropriate guideline for evaluating abnormal test results.'
  17. 'His white blood cell count, blood chemistries, and transaminase levels were within normal limits.'
  18. '‘After screening different sugar ester chemistries, we identified the most active chemical forms - ones that killed test insects instantly,’ says the scientist.'
  19. 'Many studies have observed significant changes in soil chemistry created by mound building animals in a wide range of habitats.'
  20. 'The liver chemistries of all patients were compared after six months.'
  21. 'Like falling estrogen levels, stress can alter your brain chemistry and deplete serotonin.'
The complex emotional or psychological interaction between people.
  1. 'There's clearly something between these two, although it's more in the nature of sexual chemistry than love.'
  2. 'And I was wondering if the chemistry that you guys have on your show, if it continues when you guys are off air?'
  3. 'They have the chemistry of lovers and the rawness of siblings.'
  4. 'If the chemistry is not there, then I don't bother.'
  5. 'They have a chemistry that's as funny as George Burns and Gracie Allen.'
  6. 'Sometimes, you know, the chemistry works and you just click into action with someone.'
  7. 'A lot of that would depend on the chemistry between two actors.'
  8. 'Since the film is a character drama, it relies very heavily on the interaction and chemistry between the characters.'
  9. 'We were both caught up in the moment, the excitement, the chemistry.'
  10. 'Your parents have probably noticed the chemistry between you so if you want to level with them, go ahead.'
  11. 'A certain chemistry is lacking between the romantic leads.'
((n.) Chemistry in its relations to actinism.)

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