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A citadel or fortified part of an ancient Greek city, typically one built on a hill.
  1. 'Many acropolis sanctuaries of Demeter, like those at Eretria and Corinth, were at some distance from the agora.'
  2. 'An acropolis protected by stone walls lay at the centre.'
  3. 'The gold bowl from the acropolis is also arranged around a central rosette in three concentric bands of figural representations separated by three ornamental bands.'
  4. 'Demeter was also an acropolis divinity at Lepreon, Mytilene, and Iasos, but it is not likely that she played a central political role in any of these cities.'
  5. 'To the side of Pigadia is a rocky hill where the Minoan acropolis of Karpathos was built in ancient times.'
  6. 'Phespirit never came across an acropolis or an Apollo temple or an agora.'
  7. 'The actors seldom move: they are like tortured figures on a frieze in a besieged acropolis.'
  8. 'General warfare did not immediately follow the Spartan seizure of the Theban acropolis, but diplomatic initiatives increased in intensity.'
  9. 'Located on the acropolis at Lindos, the shrine of Athena is alleged to have been founded by the mythical king Danaos.'
  10. 'Last year a stylish new auditorium was opened alongside this Hellenic-style acropolis, one of the finest neo-classical houses in the country.'
  11. 'Copan has an acropolis, four kilometres of tunnels and a hieroglyphic stairway, providing historians and archaeologists with major sources of information.'
  12. 'This area was one of the first spots in the region in being inhabited and to become a town, only equaled by the acropolis of Tiryns and Mycenae.'
  13. 'Short excursions from the city take you to the ancient cities of Lindos, with its temple of Athena on its acropolis overlooking the sea.'
  14. 'At the time of his death he was working on material he had excavated outside the acropolis walls at Mycenae.'
  15. 'For shelter, the Byzantine occupantslived in houses and caves built into the western slope of the acropolis.'
  16. 'If you have the time, you should take a donkey ride up to the ancient acropolis, with its restored Temple of Athena inside the Knights ' Castle.'
  17. 'Outstanding buildings constructed in the 5th-century rebirth of Athens include the PARTHENON and Erechtheum on the acropolis.'
  18. 'This sanctuary was also the site for the Thesmophoria, a ten-day festival described later as celebrated ' in a garden ' on the acropolis (Pl.'
  19. 'Picture a cross between Machu Picchu and greek acropolis, all tumbled down.'
  20. 'Judging by the well-preserved remains it has been inferred that within the acropolis there had been the temple of god Apollo and Dionysous as well as the hippodrome.'
  21. 'Editor's Note: actually from the acropolis all you can see is athens… and that wont impress anybody…'
  22. 'From the acropolis we have a sanctuary of Demeter and Kore while from the North Harbour area we have rich levels from the 6th century.'
  23. 'It has been excavated several times and the main acropolis is cleared.'
((n.) The upper part, or the citadel, of a Grecian city; especially, the citadel of Athens.)


1. the citadel or high fortified area of an ancient Greek city.

2. the Acropolis, the citadel of Athens and the site of the Parthenon.


"acropolises can be over cities."
"acropolises can be in places."
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"acropolises can be atop places."

Greek, from akron ‘summit’ + polis ‘city’.

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