Noun Acrobatics Definition and Examples






plural noun

Spectacular gymnastic feats.
  1. 'The twins specialised in sports acrobatics, which differs from gymnastics in that there are no props used.'
  2. 'The SkyHawks are known for their daring displays of aerial acrobatics.'
  3. 'On Easter Monday, also at the hall, they will be teaching circus skills from juggling to acrobatics.'
  4. 'It will be the kind of aerial skills, acrobatics, juggling and mask work most of us don't see outside of the Edinburgh Festival.'
  5. 'Instead of sitting in lessons the whole school has been playing a host of games including football, rugby, acrobatics and kung fu.'
  6. 'Instead of sitting in lessons the fitness fanatics spent the week dancing, playing golf, doing kung fu, enjoying acrobatics and much more.'
  7. 'My stomach did an amazing feat of acrobatics and my knees buckled under me.'
  8. 'The game takes place on a 5 meter cushioned area suitable for martial arts and acrobatics training.'
  9. 'Students majoring in martial arts roles go through a strict training, involving acrobatics and eurythmics.'
  10. 'So, to cut a long story short, we spent most of the day in that Sport Hall, most of it spent petrifying me by making me do all sorts of crazy acrobatics.'
  11. 'only true masters know how to make this type of verbal acrobatics seem easy'


1. (used with a plural verb) the feats of an acrobat; gymnastics.

2. (used with a singular verb) the art or practice of acrobatic feats.

3. (used with a plural verb) something performed with remarkable agility and ease: the verbal acrobatics of a habitual liar.


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