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An asset or object bought or obtained, typically by a library or museum.
  1. 'It was also used by the RAF for airfield defence, making it a fitting acquisition for the Yorkshire Air Museum.'
  2. 'It is really a valuable acquisition, because it completes our Eastern African deployment.'
  3. 'A show trial is going on in Rome on illegal art acquisitions by the museum.'
  4. 'People reacted so well to the idea that the little museum was soon packed with new acquisitions.'
  5. 'Jonny has just returned from a trip to Florida, successfully tying up the loose ends on the purchase of his latest acquisition.'
  6. 'He batted confidently and with style and shows himself to be a valuable acquisition for Border cricket.'
  7. 'Among his lauded acquisitions at the museum, Shah Jahan's jade cup holds pride of place.'
  8. 'It was thus a valuable acquisition for European powers and the United States.'
  9. 'The result is that numerous museums all over the country are making exciting new acquisitions.'
  10. 'It was concerned about the scheme's viability and the cost of property acquisitions it was asked to intervene in.'
  11. 'there were many acquisitions among travel agents'
  12. 'Flynn is believed to be looking for a new investor with enough cash to support a series of international acquisitions.'
  13. 'Managers are also pursuing efficiency improvements through mergers and acquisitions.'
  14. 'He met the target with a programme of acquisitions and in the process saw the company's share price cut by two thirds.'
  15. 'Another chapter is being added to the story of overseas acquisitions by Indian pharma companies.'
  16. 'Corporate acquisitions have been a major driver of the company's rapid growth.'
  17. 'There is a strong possibility of an acquisition when the takeover bar expires in October 2003.'
  18. 'In certain circumstances, it can also be used to facilitate a management buyout or acquisition.'
  19. 'It takes a bit of time to generate the synergies that deliver the shareholder value added from acquisitions.'
  20. 'He said the company had not ruled out raising more external investment to fund acquisitions.'
  21. 'Is there anything a CEO can do to prevent a calamity in making an acquisition?'
  22. 'western culture places a high value on material acquisition'
  23. 'Of course practical factors such as capitalization and corporate acquisition have also been at work in whether or not subsidiaries exist.'
  24. 'Media output has come to celebrate themes of material acquisition, violence, sex and lifestyle.'
  25. 'It is not surprising that raw material acquisition was directed toward specific taxa.'
  26. 'The acquisition of the fissile material is the single biggest ingredient in having a weapon.'
  27. 'The director said compulsory purchase did not mean confiscation but acquisition at market value.'
  28. 'If that lease wants to go through the middle of my lease, which gives me two pastoral leases, there is no compulsory acquisition.'
  29. 'Farmers are concerned that land acquisition on small holdings will reduce the value of their farms.'
  30. 'He encouraged private forestry where profitable, and public acquisition and use of other forest lands.'
  31. 'London-based CIT specialises in property acquisition, asset management and development.'
  32. 'Property and equipment are stated at cost at the date of acquisition or estimated fair value at the date of donation.'
The learning or developing of a skill, habit, or quality.
  1. 'Rather the employment is part of skill acquisition and should be regarded as a training initiative.'
  2. 'Primary education now emphasises skills acquisition rather than knowledge.'
  3. 'These weaknesses more times than not are simply additional knowledge and skill acquisition.'
  4. 'Teaching and learning isn't just a matter of skill acquisition or knowledge transmission.'
  5. 'It also reveals that a number of early skills reliably predict reading acquisition long before school entry.'
  6. 'Can a mere focus on theory and skill acquisition be detrimental to the effectiveness of family therapists?'
  7. 'A commonly accepted measure of skill acquisition is the possession of a post-secondary school qualification.'
  8. 'The first set of five statements was about language acquisition and development.'
  9. 'There are opportunities team building, leadership and skill acquisition.'
  10. 'I feel an extreme sense of accomplishment in my level of skill acquisition - the expert level.'
((n.) The act or process of acquiring.|--|(n.) The thing acquired or gained; an acquirement; a gain; as, learning is an acquisition.|--|)


1. the act of acquiring or gaining possession: the acquisition of real estate.

2. something acquired; addition: public excitement about the museum's recent acquisitions.

3. the purchase of one business enterprise by another: the acquisition of a rival corporation; mergers and acquisitions.

4. Linguistics. the act or process of achieving mastery of a language or a linguistic rule or element: child language acquisition; second language acquisition.


"There can be acquisition talks."
"There can be acquisition targets."
"There can be acquisition strategies."
"There can be acquisition prices."
"There can be acquisition plans."
"There can be acquisition costs."
"There can be acquisition trails."
"There can be acquisition candidates."
"There can be acquisition programs."
"There can be acquisition agreements."
"There can be acquisition activities."
"There can be acquisition offers."
"There can be acquisition proposals."
"There can be acquisition corps."
"There can be acquisition deals."
"There can be acquisition policies."
"There can be acquisition programmes."
"There can be acquisition sprees."
"There can be acquisition criteria."
"There can be acquisition newses."

Late Middle English (in the sense ‘act of acquiring something’): from Latin acquisitio(n-), from the verb acquirere (see acquire).

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