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Relating to sound or the sense of hearing.
  1. 'To find out, the research team devised an experiment using an electronic shaker that converts acoustic sounds into vibrations.'
  2. 'The place has been designed with a great acoustic sense.'
  3. 'Although it is impossible to prevent many diseases that affect the hearing, it is possible to reduce the risk of acoustic trauma (hearing loss from loud noise).'
  4. 'Their underwater acoustic sense and echo-location skills are legendary.'
  5. 'At 50° C an acoustic alarm sounds and the PC system shuts itself down at temperatures above 53° C.'
  6. 'It was an excellent environment for the seismic acoustic and infrared passive sensors once you could get them into the ground.'
  7. 'Other acoustic experiences, such as the hearing of human voices, may have been due to direct electric stimulation of the auditory cortex.'
  8. 'Today, enemy targets can be engaged at ranges where they are seen on an electronic device solely as an item of electromagnetic, infrared, or acoustic data.'
  9. 'Thus, territorial male bullfrogs do not appear to assess an opponent's fighting ability based solely on the fundamental frequency of acoustic signals.'
  10. 'Quickly sensing the acoustic mismatch, the woman closes the bathroom door, muting the water sounds.'
  11. 'acoustic tiles'
  12. 'Interior surfaces are of pine and birch plywood boarding and acoustic wood louvres.'
  13. 'Then you can start deciding things like where to place furniture and acoustic material, finding a good room that's not a hallway next to a jackhammer and so on.'
  14. 'It's not recommended to roll paint on an acoustic ceiling, as it is very porous.'
  15. 'The ceiling itself mirrored the floor - white acoustic tile, smooth and nearly unbroken.'
  16. 'You should use an airless gun to prime and paint your acoustic ceiling, by angling your gun slightly and spraying it lightly in all directions.'
  17. 'Hard, smooth surfaces are more sound-reflective than rough surfaces, or ones that are covered with fabric or acoustic materials.'
  18. 'Lead paint, which existed mostly on the window frames and in acoustic tile, were carefully removed, and the asbestos is being either removed or encapsulated.'
  19. 'My room came with a vast stain spreading across the acoustic tiles in the ceiling.'
  20. 'Then open-web joists would be installed between the arch segments, and when these were completed acoustic metal decking was attached to the entire assembly.'
  21. 'A smug smile on her face, she reached up and found her grip on the acoustic tile.'
  22. 'In contrast to the centrality of the plan, the ceiling evokes the axiality of traditional church spaces and generates a remarkable degree of drama through acoustic devices.'
  23. '‘That tide gauge uses an acoustic device to record the level of the sea's surface,’ she explains.'
  24. 'That plan will see a ban on driftnets in some EU waters and the use of acoustic devices, or pingers, to repel dolphins and related species from driftnets.'
  25. 'The system propagates an acoustic energy beam, which the antenna array directs against one of the buildings.'
  26. 'Agate generates the acoustic signature of any ship in order to trigger acoustic mines.'
  27. 'Alternately, the use of high power microwave technology, acoustic weapons or nonlethal chemicals might be called for.'
  28. 'What about nonlethal devices such as acoustic or heat ‘weapons’?'
  29. 'At the outbreak of the Second World War, he transferred to the Admiralty, designing magnetic and acoustic mines in which the circuitry would enable enemy ships and sweeps to be distinguished.'
  30. 'Current capabilities may limit future acoustic weapons to close-in engagements due to range and size of the required equipment.'
(of popular music or musical instruments) not having electrical amplification.
  1. 'old-fashioned acoustic instruments'
  2. 'This album is pure laid back grooves, acoustic guitars, and blissed out melodies.'
  3. 'In some quieter moments acoustic and slide guitars give them a breezy alt-country feel, while other songs seem designed for dancing.'
  4. 'the Pacific women's trio Manuhiri from New Zealand and Tonga, with their contemporary acoustic music and lush harmonies.'
  5. 'It's a total transition - he's gone from acoustic jazz into electric jazz-rock.'
  6. 'While another strong contender for best track on the album is Black Mountain, a haunting ballad built around a strong acoustic guitar riff and some heady stabs of violin.'
  7. 'Neil Young says Jansch did for the acoustic guitar what Jimi Hendrix did for the electric guitar.'
  8. 'You got your folky-picked acoustic guitar riff, check.'
  9. '‘St Christopher’ gently swings to a jazzy acoustic guitar and resembles nothing less than prime period Joni Mitchell.'
  10. 'Murray, who is no longer with a band, played a set of rocksteady and reggae tunes on acoustic guitar.'
  11. 'He also switched between acoustic and electric guitar regularly throughout the night.'


The properties or qualities of a room or building that determine how sound is transmitted in it.
  1. 'The courtroom was huge, but the acoustics in the room were good and even the slightest bit of breathing could be heard.'
  2. '‘The perfect acoustics in the Heritage Centre make it the ideal venue for storytelling, music and song,’ says Ms Byrne.'
  3. 'The acoustics in the living room, thanks to its high ceiling and scant furniture, were incredible.'
  4. 'Wavy perforated metal panels aid the room's acoustics yet appear to float off of the brick walls.'
  5. 'The Cathedral is a beautiful venue for concerts and recitals and all musicians who play there comment on the wonderful acoustic of the building.'
  6. 'Luckily the room was not without excellent acoustics (even if her ears were still ringing a bit).'
  7. 'But the shape of the rooms created terrible acoustics.'
  8. 'The acoustics in this room sometimes are a little deceptive.'
  9. 'The acoustics within a room depend on the key issues of reverberation, room shape, and interior noise control.'
  10. 'The cave's acoustics intensified the sound, causing her to become fully aware of the headache she was trying to ignore in the hope of placating it.'
The branch of physics concerned with the properties of sound.
  1. 'In the following article, Matthew Malsky analyzes the effect of digital technology on the science of acoustics in pursuit of a ‘real’ listening experience.'
  2. 'Driven to match his father's prominence as a speech analyst, he undertook research in acoustics and speech with the aid of electrical and mechanical devices.'
  3. 'He specializes in ocean acoustics, signal processing and physical oceanography.'
  4. 'Thus, the field of acoustics covers a vast array of different areas of use, and they are constantly expanding.'
  5. 'Since that time, considerable advances have been made in the science of underwater acoustics and the hardware used for the detection of faint signals.'
  6. 'Duhamel worked on partial differential equations and applied his methods to the theory of heat, to rational mechanics and to acoustics.'
  7. 'Thompson, for example, could easily have written a history of technological changes in the history of sound and acoustics.'
  8. 'During World War I Fubini studied the accuracy of artillery fire and these investigations led him on to work on acoustics and electricity.'
  1. 'The trio has traded in their pedals and sneers for slides and acoustics.'
  2. 'Then he swaps to bass guitar or acoustic, Derek comes in on violin, Basil starts to sing.'
  3. 'The singer of Little Plato is as diminutive as his bands name, at times hidden behind his jumbo acoustic.'
  4. '‘12 String Thing’ is exactly what the title suggests, a thorough workout on 12 string acoustic.'
  5. 'Both use guitars in, mostly, their original form to expose the dichotomy between the electronic and the acoustic.'
((n.) The science of sounds, teaching their nature, phenomena, and laws.)


1. (used with a singular verb) Physics. the branch of physics that deals with sound and sound waves.

2. (used with a plural verb) the qualities or characteristics of a room, auditorium, stadium, etc., that determine the audibility or fidelity of sounds in it.


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Mid 17th century: from Greek akoustikos, from akouein ‘hear’.

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