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The point at which something is at its best or most highly developed.
  1. 'The MBA is the acme of middle class parental ambition and student dreams, but as a post-graduate qualification it is a peculiar case.'
  2. 'Bright kids from the right side of the tracks go head to head with poorer ones and second-generation ethnic youngsters for whom the spelling bee represents the acme of their parents' study-hard work ethic.'
  3. 'The first efforts of the papacy to increase its power and restore its prestige coincided with the acme of the Patriarch in Constantinople around the eleventh century.'
  4. 'To achieve these effects is undoubtedly the acme of military skill.'
  5. 'Are neatly-kept lawns the acme of suburban aspiration?'
  6. 'He gets a job working for IBM, the acme of corporate, conformist paternalism, the antithesis of bohemianism.'
  7. 'It is the acme of romanticism; I devoted most of a year's worth of high school study halls to it, along with all of the volumes of Dumas's Three Musketeers series, which I inherited from my grandmother.'
  8. 'His poetry is no more the acme of dialectical evolution than it is the culmination of the ‘decline’ perceived by Bloom.'
  9. 'The teardrop shape shared by the stacks and the pitcher, the acme of streamlining in nature, is dramatized by the slender handle that extends from the mouth to the base in a single uninterrupted curve.'
  10. 'Britain, he declared, and British laws and achievements, were the acme of human civilization.'
((n.) The top or highest point; the culmination.|--|(n.) The crisis or height of a disease.|--|(n.) Mature age; full bloom of life.|--|)


1. the highest point; summit; peak: The empire was at the acme of its power.


"There can be acme markets."
"There can be acme manufacturings."
"There can be acme metals."
"There can be acme stores."
"There can be acme steels."
"There can be acme transports."
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"There can be acme explosives."
"There can be acme designs."
"There can be acme attractions."
"places can have acmes."
"voyages can have acmes."
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"knowledges can have acmes."
"injustices can have acmes."
"chatters can have acmes."
"cares can have acmes."
"acmes can be in people."

Late 16th century: from Greek akmē ‘highest point’. Until the 18th century it was often consciously used as a Greek word and written in Greek letters.

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