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Anti-aircraft gunfire.
  1. 'But the war grew wings and swept on and except for one Ju 88 who buzzed the field without biting yet drew 5000 rounds from the eager ack-ack boys.'
  2. 'The flight across the Channel was uneventful, but as soon as the formation crossed into German territory, ack-ack started opening up.'
  3. 'Keating and the officers and men went to sleep under clean skies, a sleep disturbed by the angry bark of ack-ack batteries and the drone of German planes looking for the beaches.'

noun, Informal. (esp. during World War II)

1. antiaircraft fire.

2. antiaircraft arms.


"There can be ack-ack towers."

Signallers' name for the letters AA; ack for A was replaced in military use by able in 1942.

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