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A small sac-like cavity in a gland, surrounded by secretory cells.
  1. 'The lesion displayed unremarkable pancreatic lobules with acini, ducts, and islets of Langerhans cells.'
  2. 'The mass also contained cystic spaces lined by columnar epithelium, sebaceous glands, cartilage, smooth muscle, and pancreatic acini.'
A region of the lung supplied with air from one of the terminal bronchioles.
  1. 'Panlobular emphysema, also referred to as panacinar emphysema, affects the acinus of the entire secondary lobule.'
  2. 'Emphysema is classified into three subtypes based on the portion of the acinus that is involved.'

noun, plural acini[as-uh-nahy]/ˈæs əˌnaɪ/(Show IPA)

1. Botany. one of the small drupelets or berries of an aggregate, baccate fruit, as the blackberry.

2. a berry, as a grape or currant.

3. Anatomy. a minute rounded lobule. the smallest secreting portion of a gland.


"acinis can be from pancreases."
"acinis can respond to caeruleins."
"acinis can be-obtain from rats."



Mid 18th century: Latin, literally ‘a kernel’.

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