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With bitterness or sarcasm.
  1. 'No other profession has been so acidly ridiculed and at the same time so hotly envied as the legal profession.'
  2. '‘She traded most of the old sexual teasing for social commentary, and she's no Lennon, friends,’ the LA Times commented acidly.'
  3. '‘Glad I've brightened someone's day then,’ I answered acidly, and let him in.'
  4. 'Even though many circulars had been sent out and the public meeting had been well advertised, the councillors acidly noted that the decision would not stop the public complaining that ‘nothing ever happens in Barlick’.'
  5. 'Though much of what Stewart and his cronies say about the press is acidly contemptuous, even this plays to the bottomless narcissism of many journalists.'
  6. 'She smiled acidly at the figure, gritting her teeth.'
  7. 'She pours bile on him in print and he responds acidly when journalists relay her comments.'
  8. '‘I might say the same of you,’ Banks pointed out acidly.'
  9. 'His latest collection is an acidly funny series of stories tracing the brutal youth of Jonny, a fat, asthmatic, diabetic pariah.'
  10. '‘You're so proud of your brains,’ Fanny said acidly.'


1. Chemistry. a compound usually having a sour taste and capable of neutralizing alkalis and reddening blue litmus paper, containing hydrogen that can be replaced by a metal or an electropositive group to form a salt, or containing an atom that can accept a pair of electrons from a base. Acids are proton donors that yield hydronium ions in water solution, or electron-pair acceptors that combine with electron-pair donors or bases.

2. a substance with a sour taste.

3. something, as a remark or piece of writing, that is sharp, sour, or ill-natured: His criticism was pure acid.

4. Slang. LSD2 . adjective

5. Chemistry. belonging or pertaining to acids or the anhydrides of acids. having only a part of the hydrogen of an acid replaced by a metal or its equivalent: an acid phosphate. having a pH value of less than

7.Compare alkaline (def 4).

6. sharp or biting to the taste; tasting like vinegar; sour: acid fruits.

7. sharp, biting, or ill-natured in mood, manner, etc.: an acid remark; an acid wit.

8. Geology. containing much silica.

9. Metallurgy. noting, pertaining to, or made by a process in which the lining of the furnace, or the slag that is present, functions as an acid in high-temperature reactions in taking electrons from oxide ions: usually a siliceous material, as sand or ganister.Compare basic (def 3). Idioms 10. put on the acid, Australian Slang. to importune someone, as for money, sexual favors, or confidential information.


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