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A person who achieves a high or specified level of success.
  1. 'a high achiever'
  2. 'Psychologists call it the ‘thrill factor,’ the urge that drives high achievers, often in the public eye, into taking unnecessary risks with their reputations.'
  3. 'A great achiever, Dr Kalam says that success does not come on a platter.'
  4. 'It is a heartening trend, and ample proof that youngsters are looking to follow the footsteps of achievers who conquer new domains.'
  5. 'Niamh is one of a small group of top achievers in the recent music examinations at senior level who is being honoured at this event.'
  6. 'Mia was everything Emily wasn't; successful, confident, an achiever.'
  7. 'Too modest to celebrate her success in Pollock, she is fascinated by achievers such as Olympic athletes.'
  8. 'Among the high achievers was Hannah, who made the grade in physics, biology, chemistry, maths and general studies.'
  9. 'The fact of the matter is that companies spotlight individual achievers whose success makes the organization look good.'
  10. 'The families of these children were professional, successful, and high achievers in numerous pursuits.'
  11. 'Indeed, in some states there are no differences between the average university entrance scores of boys and girls and high achievers of both genders perform about equally well.'
((n.) Achievement.)

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