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Church History. With capital initial. A group of extreme Monophysites who seceded from the main body in the 5th cent., acknowledging no leaders and rejecting episcopal control. Also in singular, in form Acephalus: a member of such a group.
    An (imaginary) race of headless people.
      ((n. pl.) A fabulous people reported by ancient writers to have heads.|--|(n. pl.) A Christian sect without a leader.|--|(n. pl.) Bishops and certain clergymen not under regular diocesan control.|--|(n. pl.) A class of levelers in the time of K. Henry I.|--|)

      Old English (in an earlier sense). From post-classical Latin acephali (plural) members of a sect with no acknowledged leaders, priests not subordinate to a bishop (636 in Isidore), people with no feudal superior except the king, (imaginary) race of headless people, use as noun of masculine plural of classical Latin acephalus.

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