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A person who claims that someone has committed an offence or done something wrong.
  1. 'Hero faints before her three accusers leave'
  2. 'Guilty, he poured the remains of the bottle over his accuser.'
  3. 'I was shaking now with rage, both at myself and at the accuser.'
  4. 'His counsel establishes through cross-examination of the accuser that the stolen animal is a horse, not a mare.'
  5. 'The accused country has to prove its innocence, the accuser has to prove nothing.'
  6. 'They are accused of the act, lectured to, and forced to acknowledge the moral superiority of the accusers.'
((n.) One who accuses; one who brings a charge of crime or fault.)


1. a person who accuses, especially in a court of law: a trial in which the accuser and accused may freely speak.


"cover-ups can have accusers."
"accusers can be in places."
"accusers can be against people."
"accusers can be on dates."
"people can have accusers."
"brethrens can have accusers."
"accusers can be in scandals."
"accusers can be about details."

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