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The acquisition or gradual gathering of something.
  1. 'Treasury figures show that wealth accumulation by Australian households and businesses slowed last year.'
  2. 'The mere accumulation of national wealth is not sufficient to deal with poverty as a health risk.'
  3. 'It is the result of more than a century's capitalist accumulation of power and concentration of wealth.'
  4. 'Land has always been the basis of wealth generation and accumulation upon which social development can be designed.'
  5. 'The system they defend, based on the immense accumulation of private wealth at the expense of society as a whole, has reached a dead end.'
  6. 'Neither imperialism nor colonialism is a simple act of accumulation and acquisition.'
  7. 'Nobody in the political establishment or the media opposed the fantastic accumulation of wealth by a tiny elite, of which they formed a part.'
  8. 'This majority alliance is a process of gradual accumulation.'
  9. 'Support of private ownership does not mean that anyone has the right to unlimited accumulation of wealth.'
  10. 'Such gradual accumulation overcomes our defense mechanisms and often as not causes renal failure.'
  11. 'the accumulation of paperwork on her desk'
  12. 'A wet basement is caused by moisture accumulations that drip through the foundations.'
  13. 'The first conservation step is to clean the surface of dirt and loose accumulations with water and detergent applied under high pressure.'
  14. 'It occurs when abnormal accumulations of fat develop in the liver and other organs, along with a severe increase of pressure in the brain.'
  15. 'Removing manure from the building to an outdoor storage can also reduce odor and gas accumulations.'
  16. 'Therefore, there is a strong possibility that dangerous accumulations of this toxicant exist in humans and animals.'
  17. 'Providing you never intend to move again, and you can keep it all acceptably clean and civilised then why on earth shouldn't you surround yourself with the accumulations of your life?'
  18. 'There were no sites with significant accumulations of litter but Main Street has performed worse than in the previous survey.'
  19. 'Forecasters expect significant accumulations of snow from Virginia and North Carolina into New England.'
  20. 'Run hot scalding water through the pipe to carry away any accumulations.'
  21. 'Wherever I look in my mind I find accumulations of dust and festoons of cobwebs.'
((n.) The act of accumulating, the state of being accumulated, or that which is accumulated; as, an accumulation of earth, of sand, of evils, of wealth, of honors.|--|(n.) The concurrence of several titles to the same proof.|--|)


1. act or state of accumulating; state of being accumulated.

2. that which is accumulated; an accumulated amount, number, or mass.

3. growth by continuous additions, as of interest to principal.


"There can be accumulation processes."
"There can be accumulation trusts."
"There can be accumulation points."
"There can be accumulation indexes."
"There can be accumulation funds."
"There can be accumulation years."
"There can be accumulation wasfars."
"There can be accumulation theories."
"There can be accumulation spannings."
"There can be accumulation programmes."
"There can be accumulation plans."
"There can be accumulation ofdatas."
"There can be accumulation lakes."
"There can be accumulation functions."
"There can be accumulation extendings."
"There can be accumulation escapes."
"There can be accumulation deficits."
"There can be accumulation businesses."
"reserves can be accumulated."
"stocks can be accumulated."

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