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(of a benefit or sum of money) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.
  1. 'the accrued interest'
  2. 'Further savings should accrue from debt refinancing.'
  3. 'Benefit usually accrued to the state in which the training occurred.'
  4. 'This article exempts dividends received or accrued to any taxpayer from income tax liability.'
  5. 'The report also noted the negative effect of the depleted cash resources on the interest income accrued to the fund.'
  6. 'Various tax benefits accrue from the operation of the company.'
  7. 'As some coal producers fell by the wayside, more of the liability accrued to the remaining companies.'
  8. 'These savings accrue from improved productivity and safety performance, as well as reduced turnover.'
  9. 'The benefits accrued to the State Legislative Office were mostly associated with the intern's contribution to the general functioning of the office.'
  10. 'Significant savings could accrue from reduced personnel costs, a sizable contributor to operating and support costs.'
  11. 'But focus on economic fundamentals alone, and it's easy to see that this recovery finally has legs, thanks in large part to a more even split between income gains accruing to businesses and money going to households.'
  12. 'Many applaud the new phosphorus standards as a best management practice that will accrue environmental benefits.'
  13. 'There was no requirement even to accrue other post-employment benefits, and no detailed disclosure requirements.'
  14. 'Too often the switching is not done in time and payments are missed, accruing considerable embarrassment and penalties.'
  15. 'The rate at which directors can accrue benefits is also more generous than the schemes they offer to their staff.'
  16. 'Cllr Pat Kilbane said the Committee faced a daunting task but he hoped some benefits would be accrued from their work.'
  17. 'Well apart from being a bit of fun, does having a fantasy league attached to your competition accrue any benefits to netball and to the national league?'
  18. 'He said the UDM's ostensible affinity to traditional leadership failed to accrue any benefits to the party this time, as it did in the 1999 general election.'
  19. 'The Group should also begin to accrue the full benefits from the refinancing in 2005.'
  20. 'Harlequin Ducks that pair early with a known mate may accrue similar benefits.'
  21. 'Players become vested in the pension plan from day one and begin to accrue pension benefits after they're on a club roster for 43 days.'
  22. 'at 31 December the amount due for the final quarter is accrued'
  23. 'A debt can be garnished by a judgment creditor if it is accrued and payable at the time the order nisi is made.'
((n.) To increase; to augment.|--|(n.) To come to by way of increase; to arise or spring as a growth or result; to be added as increase, profit, or damage, especially as the produce of money lent.|--|(n.) Something that accrues; advantage accruing.|--|)


Many advantages accrue to society from the freedom of speech.
Benefits accrue to the community from reconstruction.

Late Middle English: from Old French acreue, past participle of acreistre ‘increase’, from Latin accrescere ‘become larger’ (see accrete).

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