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A report or description of an event or experience.
  1. 'Not only was I reading about the lives of my ancestors, but about their friends and acquaintances too - and accounts of historical events which my uncle recorded in his diary on the day they happened.'
  2. 'There, anyone with online access can post and read news stories and personal accounts of events, such as demonstrations, thus opening up media in new ways.'
  3. 'Thus she began her account with a detailed description of the appropriate behaviour of a collector engaging at first hand with the people.'
  4. 'Dr Friedman's report then gives an account of D.'s further experiences while he was in care.'
  5. 'Users can post and read first - hand accounts of fellow travellers experiences.'
  6. 'A world away from dry accounts of historical events, it succeeds in shedding much new light on the 1905 Russian Revolution in an accessible and exciting way.'
  7. 'Even if they are somewhat distorted or adapted, they remain accounts of experienced events, and as such they are valuable sources for the historian.'
  8. 'Based on eyewitness accounts, the report described how Pashtun villages were attacked after being disarmed by local militia commanders.'
  9. 'Morality and ethics consist of prescriptive statements about how one ought to behave; they do not purport to be descriptive accounts of actual historical behaviour.'
  10. 'Lots of first person accounts of historical events.'
  11. 'a lively account of Offenbach's score'
  12. 'For a conductor not known for his accounts of modern music, Szell did a great deal of it and almost always superbly.'
  13. 'Oleg Marshev is a fine interpreter of the Piano Concerto having already recorded excellent accounts of the Shostakovich and Prokofiev concertos.'
  14. 'I think both Bernstein's accounts (on Sony and Deutsche Grammophon) authoritative.'
  15. 'Jennie Tourel, one of the smartest, most musicianly singers of our time, delivers a passionate account.'
  16. 'Silverthorne and his accompanist, Jacobson, give dark, richly passionate accounts.'
  17. 'For modern instrument accounts of Mozart's Sonatas for Violin and Piano, Steinberg and Uchida go to the head of the class.'
  18. 'The Concertos are also impressive accounts, featuring decent accompaniment by Robert Stankovsky and this Kosice-based ensemble.'
  19. 'I haven't heard better accounts of the Holst and Vaughan Williams works.'
  20. 'We have already had excellent accounts of Beethoven and Mozart symphonies and serenades and now it is the turn of some exquisite Haydn and Schubert symphonies.'
  21. 'All round, a flawless account, celebrating a Schubert who is as much the son of Haydn and Mozart as the father of Schumann and Brahms.'
A record or statement of financial expenditure and receipts relating to a particular period or purpose.
  1. 'Compliance involves examining a set of key accounts including payroll, financial reporting, purchasing, payables and billing.'
  2. 'Profits at the Port of Cork Company more than halved last year, according to its latest financial accounts.'
  3. 'Any expenditure included in the accounts where receipts or vouchers were not available was properly made in connection with the carrying on of the company's business.'
  4. 'I have among my financial memorabilia its 1968 accounts, when it was still known as Wiles Group.'
  5. 'Because it applies across most naturally occurring number distributions, it can also be used to detect fraud in financial accounts, and to spot faked results in clinical trials.'
  6. 'The Garda Commissioner will have to stand over the financial accounts of the force under new measures being introduced by the Government.'
  7. 'The second is that firms do not have adequate systems and controls in place to deal with a potentially high volume of accounts or adequate financial resources to support CTF business.'
  8. 'In theory, there are regulators to keep an eye on corporate mischief - in practice, no regulator or guardian can hope to penetrate the complexity of modern financial accounts.'
  9. 'The advanced course is aimed at providing farmers with the expertise in using packages such as breeding charts, farm accounts and VAT recording and returns.'
  10. 'This is to facilitate companies who are working to tight deadlines with their end of year financial accounts.'
  11. 'Another example, in order to have good financial practice, all local governments have to have financial accounts in the same format.'
  12. 'A product of Maharaja's College, Mysore, where he did his MA in Economics, Mr. Ramaswamy joined the Indian Audit and Accounts Service in 1951.'
  13. 'Two of these men work in the Department's Accounts unit.'
  14. 'there's no money to pay the tradesmen's accounts this month'
  15. 'All overdue accounts will incur interest of 2.5% per month.'
  16. 'There was loyalty to suppliers and accounts were paid promptly.'
  17. 'Thus, some consumers pay their electricity bills and telephone accounts in cash.'
An arrangement by which a body holds funds on behalf of a client or supplies goods or services to them on credit.
  1. 'I began buying things on account'
  2. 'In all, internet fraud accounted for a quarter of the total £219.4m illegally taken from UK consumers' credit and debit card accounts in the first six months of this year.'
  3. 'Large quantities of Swiss francs credited to private accounts in various Swiss banks.'
  4. 'The money market earns higher interest rates than their savings bank and credit union accounts.'
  5. 'You must pay at least £1, 000 a month into the Moneyback account to qualify.'
  6. 'Too many suppliers have accounts more than 90 days past due.'
  7. 'By the time the error was discovered, B had withdrawn the funds credited to his account by the F Bank.'
  8. 'Stamp duty is payable on credit card accounts maintained by banks on April 1 each year.'
  9. 'EFTPOS allows access to both credit-card accounts or own funds by means of debit cards.'
  10. 'Furthermore, these dividend accounts are being credited with interest.'
  11. 'Funds argue that small accounts are expensive, which raises the cost of investing for all shareholders.'
  12. 'selling bibles to established accounts in the North'
  13. 'Brown & Sons Inc., where he handled retail and institutional accounts.'
  14. 'Inspiration to pursue corporate accounts came after a customer made a request for 500 crystal bowls.'
  15. 'In Fairfield, SoBe will run local ads flagging its loyal retail accounts.'
  16. 'They also liked being able to preview jobs before printing, to establish corporate accounts, and above all, to get their orders quickly.'
  17. 'Unlike other firms cited in the story, Merrill does not disclose trading volume or the number of accounts in its retail brokerage business.'
  18. 'Within three years, we had 700 accounts across Europe, making us the largest suppliers of ladies' golfwear to the European market.'
  19. 'another agency was awarded the account'
An arrangement by which a user is given personalized access to a computer, website, or application, typically by entering a username and password.
  1. 'Your account can only be used for a single internet session at any one time and for no more than 24 hours in any one day.'
  2. 'Once attackers have access to an email account password, they login to the account (example: hotmail, gmail, etc), and acquire the owner's contact list of other email accounts.'
  3. 'They were receiving frantic calls regarding accounts and computers crashing all weekend long, and they had no idea why.'
  4. 'Someone's been going thru my email, tweets and Facebook accounts for years.'
  5. 'Many of these systems have default admin accounts, non-updated software, no security patches, etc.'
  1. 'The fact that he has collected so many baubles in the glory years is of no account to the second row.'
  2. 'You even have it if the remnant of your unfinished cup of tea has been accidentally thrown away by someone else, who's come upon it and thought it unwanted, of no account.'
  3. 'That may be of no account in the general scheme of things, but it calls into question the reasons for the Minister's office making such an obvious error.'
  4. 'The individual building blocks of words are in themselves of little account.'
  5. 'Others are treated as if they are of little account and their views discounted.'
  6. 'Even establishment politics was of little account in the small-town press.'
  7. 'The self-evident fact that the numbers applying for asylum correlate precisely with countries where a dog's life would be a step up is of no account.'
  8. 'At the time of the Reformation the body was deemed to be of little account when there was a soul to be saved.'
  9. 'As with his son, his death was treated as a matter of no account.'
  10. 'In most cases, that extraneous text will be of little account - but in others, it may be quite sensitive.'


Consider or regard in a specified way.
  1. 'he accounted himself the unluckiest man alive'
  2. 'This is accounted a U.N. success.'
Give or receive an account for money received.
  1. 'The budget speech was the second within two weeks in which he accounted to the legislature on finances and services delivery.'
  2. 'The evidence is clear that the Trustees of the Trust never held meetings, operated no bank account, filed no income tax trust returns, and never accounted to the beneficiaries.'
  3. 'Factory never accounted to us for all the records we'd sold, so we had no idea how much money we were losing.'


1. an oral or written description of particular events or situations; narrative: an account of the meetings; an account of the trip.

2. an explanatory statement of conduct, as to a superior.

3. a statement of reasons, causes, etc., explaining some event.

4. reason; basis: On this account I'm refusing your offer.

5. importance; worth; value; consequence: things of no account.

6. estimation; judgment: In his account it was an excellent piece of work.

7. an amount of money deposited with a bank, as in a checking or savings account: My account is now with Third National.

8. Also called charge account. an accommodation or service extended by a business to a customer or client permitting the charging of goods or services, the returning for credit of unsatisfactory merchandise, etc.: Do you have an account at this store? My account with the restaurant is past due.

9. a statement of financial transactions. 10. Bookkeeping. a formal record of the debits and credits relating to the person, business, etc., named at the head of the ledger account. a balance of a specified period's receipts and expenditures. 1

1. Commerce. a business relation in which credit is used. any customer or client, especially one carried on a regular credit basis. Also called advertising account. the business assigned to an advertising agency by a client: The toothpaste account was awarded to a new agency last year. verb (used without object) 1

2. to give an explanation (usually followed by for): to account for the accident. 1

3. to answer concerning one's conduct, duties, etc. (usually followed by for): to account for the missing typewriters. 1

4. to provide a report on money received, kept, and spent. 1

5. to cause (usually followed by for): The humidity accounts for our discomfort. His reckless driving accounted for the accident. verb (used with object) 1

6. to regard; consider as: I account myself well paid. 1

7. to assign or impute (usually followed by to): the many virtues accounted to him. Idioms 1

8. call to account, to hold accountable; blame; reprimand: Call them to account for having endangered their lives. ask for an explanation of. 1

9. give a good / bad account of, to do something or conduct oneself in a good (bad, etc.) manner: She gave a good account of herself in the tennis tournament. 20. hold to account, to hold responsible; hold accountable or culpable: If any of the silver is missing, I'm going to hold you to account. 2

1. on account, as an installment or a partial payment: I can't pay the balance, but here's $10 on account. 2

2. on account of, by reason of; because of. for the sake of: She saw it through on account of me. 2

3. on all accounts, in any case; under any circumstances.Also, at all accounts. 2

4. on no account, under no circumstances; absolutely not: On no account should you buy that painting without having it appraised. 2

5. take account of, to make allowance for; consider: One must take account of the difficult circumstances. Taking account of the high overhead, the price is not excessive. to notice or observe. Also, take into account. 2

6. turn to account, to derive profit or use from; turn to advantage: She has turned her misfortunes to account.


"accounteds can be for distrusts."
"accounteds can feel for places."



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