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Approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively.
  1. 'he was accosted by a thief, demanding his money or his life'
  2. 'Examing the display outside of my chosen shop, I was accosted by some youths, of thirteen years or so, who desired that I bought some fireworks on their behalf, a transaction I declined.'
  3. 'You're strolling absent-mindedly down Coney Street, minding your own business and glancing idly at the displays in shop windows, when an officious little man in a yellow reflective jacket pops out of nowhere and accosts you.'
  4. 'I am walking speedily along New York's Fifth Avenue when this elegant stranger accosts me, grabs my arm in a vice-like grip and hisses, ‘Where did you get that pin?’'
  5. 'I considering accosting a hapless victim in the produce department.'
  6. 'It's not that I make a habit of accosting MPs in health food shops, it's just that I mistakenly believed I knew him.'
  7. 'Once aboard, to his fugitive embarrassment, he is accosted by a young girl he vaguely remembers.'
  8. 'Everybody can stop e-mailing, IMing, and accosting me on the street: I had absolutely nothing to do with this.'
  9. 'As he accosted parents outside a school in Rotherhithe with a final piece of canvassing yesterday afternoon, he predicted his party would get the most seats since 1923 and the biggest share of the vote since 1983.'
  10. 'Making my way through the train I was accosted by a very angry woman.'
  11. 'His story begins in 1972 when Douglas was accosted at a bus stop in Edinburgh by two bolshie 12-year-olds.'
((n.) Address; greeting.)

Late 16th century (originally in the sense ‘lie or go alongside’): from French accoster, from Italian accostare, from Latin ad- ‘to’ + costa ‘rib, side’.

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