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A person who provides a musical accompaniment to another musician or to a singer.
  1. 'So this is a delightful chance for an encounter with a man who is known as one of the best accompanists performing in the world today.'
  2. 'Many think organists are just accompanists or just play in church.'
  3. 'Simon Over, organist of St.Margaret's, Westminster and already one of the UK's most capable young accompanists and operatic repetiteurs, makes his operatic conducting debut.'
  4. 'He performed as a concert pianist and professional accompanist throughout the Midwest.'
  5. 'So it is a great thing for a singer to have an accompanist who knows singing from his own experience.'
  6. 'He's a nimble, accomplished soloist and a sensitive accompanist, capable of pastel washes, shimmering folky chords or juicy bop lines.'
  7. 'Vocalists and instrumentalists can use them to provide accompaniment if a live accompanist is not available which probably is most of the time.'
  8. 'He performs as soloist and accompanist and is a frequent adjudicator at piano festivals and competitions.'
  9. 'The late pianist, who died in 2002, was the ideal accompanist for many singers.'
  10. 'Rieger prefers being an accompanist to being a concert pianist.'
((n.) The performer in music who takes the accompanying part.)


1. Music. a person who plays an accompaniment.


"accompanists can be with people."
"accompanists can be in styles."

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