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A person or political group that seeks compromise with an opposing point of view.
  1. 'Thus the church performed what Fallin calls a ‘compensatory function’ or what I would identify as an accommodationist mode of behavior.'
  2. 'An admirer of both Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois, he once wrote a poem about the militant white abolitionist John Brown, which he dedicated to the black accommodationist Washington.'
  3. 'Livingstone in fact seeks to head off this accommodationist approach with a brief consideration of the special demands that our present situation places on education.'
  4. 'As between separationist and accommodationist regimes, accommodationism has the edge in contemporary settings where the modern secular performance state has emerged with its welfare and regulatory dimensions.'
  5. 'In the early twentieth century Booker T. Washington's accommodationist philosophy dominated discussions of racial progress.'
  6. 'The simple problem is that the accommodationist must ultimately draw some lines; and every line divides those religions that will be privileged from those that will be demoted.'
  7. 'On other occasions the president adopted moderately accommodationist policies at least compared to his French and British wartime allies.'
  8. 'The very Catholics who asserted a distinctive Catholic vision therefore become the accommodationists that destroy the ghetto walls.'
  9. 'Suggestions about how to resolve this impasse fall into three main categories, which I shall call the extremist, the idealist and the accommodationist.'
  10. 'In recent decades, however, the global discourse on forestry has moved towards a more accommodationist perspective.'


1. a person who finds it expedient to adapt to the opinions or behavior of the majority of people, especially as a means of economic or political survival. adjective

2. of, relating to, or characteristic of such a person: They criticized the senator's conduct as being accommodationist.


"There can be accommodationist votes."
"There can be accommodationist tendencies."
"There can be accommodationist states."
"There can be accommodationist israelis."
"There can be accommodationist ends."

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