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A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay.
  1. 'They will live in the temporary accommodation for six to eight weeks while their homes are gutted and replastered.'
  2. 'Prices start at £999 for eight days and include four star hotel accommodation, return scheduled flights and a full touring itinerary.'
  3. 'They had to spend at least 18 months living in rented accommodation while their shattered homes were rebuilt.'
  4. 'The majority of Canadians prefer the package deals, which, in the main, include airfare, hotel accommodation, drinks, food and entertainment.'
  5. 'Enjoy a lost weekend in Venice this November with Expedia Travel, currently offering flights and three nights accommodation in a four-star hotel for £201.'
  6. 'Travelscope's customers will stay in hotel accommodation in Dungarvan and Tramore.'
  7. 'The council found temporary accommodation for 17 residents, but most have spent the weekend staying with friends and family.'
  8. 'For official figures, a person can be considered homeless while staying in temporary accommodation and not necessarily living on the streets.'
  9. 'Her 30-year-old sister, Diane, who is living in temporary accommodation just outside the village, is in an even more difficult position.'
  10. 'People are forced to live in temporary accommodation for years because of the shortage of social housing, and people who come to Oxford to work find it very difficult to find anywhere affordable to live.'
  11. 'the company offers a number of guest house accommodations in Oberammergau'
  12. 'there was lifeboat accommodation for 1,178 people'
  13. 'She had lifeboat accommodation for 970 persons.'
  14. 'On a bitterly chill day, plenty of accommodation was available for punters in the state-of-the-art stand, and facilities for hospitality were excellent.'
  15. 'T & T, by virtue of qualifying, has been allocated eight per cent of available seating accommodation at each of the three stadiums.'
  16. 'the building is used exclusively for the accommodation of guests'
  17. 'In the marina there are also shops, restaurant, terraces, tavern, and ten apartments for the accommodation of guests.'
  18. 'There are many other hotels nearby to fit any budget, for the accommodation of guests.'
  19. 'The hotel now kept open for the accommodation of guests was built about the year 1808 by Esias Butts.'
A convenient arrangement; a settlement or compromise.
  1. 'Many accommodations can be made for Maori so they can pursue their cultural heritage that make little or no impact on anyone else.'
  2. 'Academe was once thought too high-minded for such cheapening accommodations, but apparently that is no longer so.'
  3. 'In his second, he sought an accommodation with Moscow, even coming close to agreeing total nuclear disarmament with Mikhail Gorbachev.'
  4. 'The easy option is of course to seek to reach an accommodation with critics, and, if a compromise can be reached without sacrifice of principle, then this is a preferred course.'
  5. 'The reality is that greater accommodations will be provided to the animal rights activists at the cost of future animal experimentation and discovery.'
  6. 'The rockers preach rigour, and rail against easy accommodations with the hosts of Midian constantly prowling around.'
  7. 'Greenspan may even believe this, and has thus embarked on yet another round of extreme accommodation to lessen the economic impact collapsing tech stocks.'
  8. 'And, when a conflict becomes defined in religious terms, it also usually becomes more difficult to work out an accommodation or a compromise.'
The process of adapting or adjusting to someone or something.
  1. 'It belongs to an underdeveloped genre critical of our wholesale accommodation to technology.'
  2. 'Incoming migrants from rural areas often discard marked dialect forms as part of the process of accommodation to urban speech ways.'
  3. 'The second phase of development focuses on consolidation and organization, it is a time of increased accommodation to the secular world.'
  4. 'Working-class and middle-class mothers of Cuban heritage were questioned about their modes of accommodation to America in terms of language proficiencies.'
  5. 'But cultural accommodation to profoundly changing technological realities is the underlying issue - not security.'
  6. 'Blundell refuses to see the process of painting as simply resistance or accommodation to modernity or the commodifying processes of the contemporary global art market.'
  7. 'Since the election, in a mixture of bureaucratic arrogance and accommodation to big business, his government has carried out attacks on the working class on an almost daily basis.'
  8. 'If the system eventually breaks down, it will be primarily because of US resistance to adjustment and accommodation.'
  9. 'Different sets of rights were extended at different periods and this represented a process of gradual accommodation to mass demands.'
  10. 'Second, law is, at least in part, a force for accommodation to current social norms, even if it also provides us with a critical edge in its normative concepts such as equality.'
  11. 'the power of accommodation to near objects'
  12. 'The lens is important in accommodation because it has the capability of undergoing a change in shape.'
  13. 'Ultimately it may be possible to restore natural accommodation after cataract surgery if a soft lens with the appropriate shape memory characteristics could be developed.'
  14. 'The aging process, or Presbyopia, causes the amplitude of accommodation to decrease in patients over 40 years.'
  15. 'People with shortsightedness have poorer ability to focus accurately by accommodation, which leads to even more retinal blur and defocus.'
  16. 'The power of the lens can be altered by changes in the shape of the lens - a process called accommodation.'
  17. 'It's not so much a matter of overlighting an area as it is making sure there's adequate lighting on the perimeter to allow some accommodation to take place.'
  18. 'Look a little sideways occasionally, but most of all remember accommodation to darkness may take up to a half an hour.'
((n.) The act of fitting or adapting, or the state of being fitted or adapted; adaptation; adjustment; -- followed by to.|--|(n.) Willingness to accommodate; obligingness.|--|(n.) Whatever supplies a want or affords ease, refreshment, or convenience; anything furnished which is desired or needful; -- often in the plural; as, the accommodations -- that is, lodgings and food -- at an inn.|--|(n.) An adjustment of differences; state of agreement; reconciliation; settlement.|--|(n.) The application of a writer's language, on the ground of analogy, to something not originally referred to or intended.|--|(n.) A loan of money.|--|(n.) An accommodation bill or note.|--|)


1. the act of accommodating; state or process of being accommodated; adaptation.

2. adjustment of differences; reconciliation.

3. Sociology. a process of mutual adaptation between persons or groups, usually achieved by eliminating or reducing hostility, as by compromise or arbitration.

4. anything that supplies a need, want, favor, convenience, etc.

5. Usually, accommodations. lodging. food and lodging. a seat, berth, or other facilities for a passenger on a train, plane, etc.

6. readiness to aid or please others; obligingness.

7. a loan.

8. Ophthalmology. the automatic adjustment by which the eye adapts itself to distinct vision at different distances.

9. accommodation bill.


"There can be accommodation blocks."
"There can be accommodation services."
"There can be accommodation offices."
"There can be accommodation expenses."
"There can be accommodation costs."
"There can be accommodation problems."
"There can be accommodation officers."
"There can be accommodation facilities."
"There can be accommodation vessels."
"There can be accommodation units."
"There can be accommodation theories."
"There can be accommodation occupancies."
"There can be accommodation supplements."
"There can be accommodation requirements."
"There can be accommodation lists."
"There can be accommodation arrangements."
"There can be accommodation standards."
"There can be accommodation prices."
"There can be accommodation platforms."
"There can be accommodation packages."

Early 17th century: from Latin accommodatio(n-), from accommodare ‘fit one thing to another’ (see accommodate).

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