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Become accustomed to a new climate or new conditions; adjust.
  1. 'You'll need to acclimatize yourself back to regular life again.'
  2. 'Yorkshire is on course to play host to more than 2,000 Olympic athletes ahead of the 2012 games to allow the sportsmen and women acclimatise to conditions in Britain.'
  3. 'The timing of these tours of Zimbabwe and South Africa could not have been more opportune and is an ideal chance to get acclimatized to the conditions.'
  4. 'Cara might have been new to their world, but she was fairly good at acclimatizing herself.'
  5. 'We're taking another day here just to make sure we're acclimatized.'
  6. 'Spend four days acclimatizing in Lhasa and continue across this amazing land. negotiating 17,000-foot passes through the ice-bound Himalayas.'
  7. 'Having finished second and fourth in the first two races, she soon acclimatised to the cooler conditions of England by beating Lizzie Vickers by four points overall.'
  8. 'The painting, which dates from 1896, was placed in storage for 24 hours after it arrived from the National Gallery in London on Monday to acclimatise to the freezing conditions which have swept across the region.'
  9. 'Well-trained, acclimatized troops must be available to replace those at higher altitudes.'
  10. 'You may have to start acclimatizing them to that, though.'
  11. 'After a three-day, porter-assisted trek to the 9,000-foot base camp, you'll spend a day acclimatizing, and then launch a 4 a.m. assault on the craggy granite peak.'
  12. 'They will have to acclimatise to the weather conditions, especially in their training sessions.'
  13. 'She felt like she was acclimatizing, so to speak, to the life of a rock star.'
  14. 'They also spent three days on a training camp in Buxton to prepare for the trip because they will need to acclimatise to conditions in Malawi and walk for many miles,'
  15. 'It would allow me to gain a greater understanding of popular culture and help me acclimatize to society.'
  16. 'Prior to the 1996 Olympic Games, the Belarus team acclimatized themselves to the time zone by training in Roswell, Georgia.'
  17. 'Our second decade in America, during the nineties, saw us emerge gradually from the initial struggle to acclimatize ourselves and establish a secure financial footing without Gerard's film work as one of our main sources of income.'
  18. 'While many of the athletes would be housed at the Olympic Village, the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace or the proposed Arena could be used as sites to help competing teams acclimatise to British conditions.'
  19. 'Arriving in Tibet in late August, Koch and Chin acclimatized by climbing and skiing Changzheng, Everest's 24,890-foot neighbor.'
  20. 'That is why they will spend twelve days there acclimatising to the difficult conditions.'
  21. 'This guard cell response to CO 2 acclimatizes to the environmental conditions on the transfer of plants between the two environments.'
  22. 'Differences between baseline and follow-up measurements could be, in part, due to the fact that the patients may have acclimatized to the conditions surrounding the test during the follow-up visits.'
  23. 'The first-order rate equation can be used under conditions where micro-organisms become acclimatized to the chemical and can actively use it.'
  24. 'In addition, the potted seedlings were acclimatized to a glasshouse conditions through gradual decrease of the humidity to 80%.'
  25. 'Six-week-old plants were acclimatized in the greenhouse.'
((p. pr. & vb. n.) of Acclimatize)

Mid 19th century: from French acclimater ‘acclimatize’ + -ize.

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