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A grace note performed as quickly as possible before an essential note of a melody.
  1. 'It is characterized by a greater licence in the use of counterpoint, and by a lavish use of passaggi and acciaccature to express the affetti of this modern music.'
  2. 'In this section, the string parts are filled with acciaccaturas, whereas the brass section and the timpani are rampant and adrenaline-pumping.'
  3. 'Explanation, study, application and dialogues on some other kinds of systems and concepts for executing acciaccaturas.'
  4. 'The prevalence of the piccolo sonority, acciaccaturas, repeated accompanimental quavers, simple tonic-dominant bassline and the use of percussion all signify alla turca.'
  5. 'The purging of the sinful soul with hyssop, depicted by acciaccaturas and augmented seconds, leads into a lively, haunting dance as the broken bones of the text ` daunce awaie their sadness’.'
  6. 'Repeated notes can sound awkward now, and the acciaccaturas of Variation 9 emerge as softened.'
  7. 'Here one finds both appoggiatura style grace notes without the slash and acciaccatura style grace notes with the slash; clear evidence of the changes that were occurring around the mid-nineteenth century.'
  8. 'The acciaccatura is distinguished by a light diagonal line through note hook.'
  9. 'The few variations he introduced into Orfeo ed Euridice have been maintained - in practice merely a few acciaccature and appoggiature, the odd gruppetto and a short cadence at the end of ‘Cerco il mio ben così’.'
  10. 'Recording details come to higher evidence; for instance in the piano abbellimenti it is easier to make out where the stress is placed in the acciaccature.'
((n.) A short grace note, one semitone below the note to which it is prefixed; -- used especially in organ music. Now used as equivalent to the short appoggiatura.)

Italian, from acciaccare ‘to crush’.

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