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A person or thing that accepts or receives something.
  1. 'don't all award accepters memorize what to say beforehand?'
  2. 'Women sought support of a more emotional kind and turned to the 'unconditional accepters' and the 'listeners'.'
  3. 'An Englishman took the bill, and after a careful examination said he neither knew the drawer, the accepter, nor the backer.'
  4. 'Each child was imagined as an active participant in establishing those boundaries, not as a passive acceptor of pre-established group decisions.'
  5. 'The Melbourne Cup has attracted a total of 168 first acceptors.'
  6. 'At maturity the Discount House will collect the face value of the bill from the acceptor.'
An atom or molecule which is able to bind to or accept an electron or other species.
  1. 'Xanthine oxidase uses molecular oxygen as an electron acceptor, resulting in the formation of superoxide radicals.'
  2. 'The accepted view of plant adaptation to low oxygen concentrations holds that below certain oxygen limits, plant cells cannot sustain respiration due to lack of an electron acceptor for the terminal oxidases.'
  3. 'We next wanted to demonstrate the utility of sRET in conditions where the acceptor and donor molecules were not covalently linked.'
  4. 'The iron - sulphur cluster associated with the Rieske centre of proteins normally functions in electron transfer reactions as it can act as an electron acceptor and donor.'
  5. 'They propose that the relatively low redox potential of hypericin permits it to compete as an electron acceptor, which consequently potentiates its biological activity in the dark, permitting it to interfere with the growth of tumors.'
  6. 'The conventionally utilized enzyme for glucose measurement, glucose oxidase, inherently utilizes oxygen as its electron acceptor during the oxidation of glucose.'
  7. 'Paraquat acts as an alternative electron acceptor from PSI generating superoxide.'
  8. 'Cellular respiration is the process by which cells obtain energy from food through chemical reaction with an inorganic electron acceptor, usually oxygen.'
  9. 'Coenzyme Q10 is an electron acceptor and antioxidant that is a key component of mitochondrial electron transfer.'
  10. 'Second, carbon tetrachloride is known to act as an electron acceptor.'
  11. 'The holes likewise leave negative acceptor ions.'
  12. 'In the MCS, each excited donor can then either transfer its energy to an acceptor or emit fluorescence, according to the rules listed above.'
  13. 'The results support the idea that the strength of hydrogen bonding reflects the magnitude of the charges on the associated proton donor and acceptor atoms.'
  14. 'This indicates that the bound azide is required to detect the 410-nm signal and suggests that azide plays the role of the proton acceptor.'
  15. 'Every other electron that leaves the n region will likewise leave behind another positively charged acceptor ion.'
  16. 'The increased energy of the modified sequences reflects the repositioning of proton donor and acceptor atoms between drug and DNA.'
  17. 'The number of photons needed approaches infinity when the acceptor is completely depolarized.'
  18. 'Fluorescence is detected using an emission path image splitter, outfitted with polarizers, that detects the donor fluorescence as well as two polarizations of the acceptor fluorescence.'
((n.) A person who accepts; a taker.|--|(n.) A respecter; a viewer with partiality.|--|(n.) An acceptor.|--|)

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