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The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.
  1. 'Dick was quite moved, and in his acceptance speech he named all the people who had helped make his dream come true.'
  2. 'A week before we were set to leave, Jake had received his acceptance letter to a baseball camp in New York.'
  3. 'While Dr Mullins has received irrevocable acceptances of his offer from shareholders, owning 36% of the company, it is now considered a near certainty that the buyout will fail.'
  4. 'Thus, their acceptance of those offers certainly did not mean, as Mr. Lister implied, that those parents no longer wanted a place at St. George's Prep.'
  5. 'Brad had received his acceptance letter earlier that month.'
  6. 'Manchester United's acceptance of an offer from Barcelona will go down in history as the moment Beckham's career on the field hit skid row.'
  7. 'Typically courteous, he began his acceptance speech by offering copious thanks to all and sundry.'
  8. 'The letter of intent was not a binding contract; it was not an offer capable of acceptance; nor did any event which followed the letter of intent constitute a binding contract between the parties.'
  9. 'This year she told the crowd that she had just realized her dress was completely see-through; she spent the rest of her acceptance speech with her legs firmly together.'
  10. 'The deadline for acceptance of the offer is Thursday afternoon, but both sides have claimed they have the upper hand in a takeover battle which is becoming increasingly bitter.'
  11. 'a banker's acceptance'
  12. 'Taxable funds mainly invest in U.S. Treasury securities, government agency securities, repurchase agreements, CDs, commercial paper and bankers' acceptances.'
  13. 'The markets for bills of exchange and bankers' acceptances are simply too small to be of any use.'
The process or fact of being received as adequate, valid, or suitable.
  1. 'A general social acceptance of plastic surgery has come about and it is leading people to think that because they look a bit tired they need an operation.'
  2. 'Earning respect and acceptance from one's coworkers will likely result in enhanced satisfaction and a sense of fitting in with the organizational culture.'
  3. 'In some cases, though, you may fear the worst, only to be met with compassion and acceptance - not the ridicule and disdain you were anticipating.'
  4. 'It's new and unusual to most folks, and there's definitely a process of acceptance to go through.'
  5. 'In a pluralistic society religious, moral or cultural values put forward in a public governmental context cannot always be expected to meet with universal acceptance.'
  6. 'All parents want happiness for their children, and social acceptance is a critical factor at any age.'
  7. 'It is a struggle of already free people for complete social acceptance and the sense of normalcy that follows thereof - a struggle for the eradication of the homosexual stigma.'
  8. 'When Lina finds someone she likes, they have to go through an extremely vigorous process of acceptance before she agrees to go out with them, and so far no one has passed.'
  9. 'What may strike some as a naive grab for mainstream acceptance is in fact a stroke of genius.'
  10. '‘It is basically a stylised comic book film in the vein of Spider Man and Super Man which deals with issues of vengeance, redemption and social acceptance,’ he says.'
  11. 'While few would question that a married couple and their dependent children form a family unit, others receive less uniform social acceptance.'
Agreement with or belief in an idea or explanation.
  1. 'Underlying these explanations is an acceptance of the foundational ideas of the Antigonish Movement.'
  2. 'Gitt, incredibly, replied that his ideas have wide acceptance among scientists.'
  3. 'Thus we make attributions of causal relatedness on the basis of prior acceptance of scientific explanations.'
  4. 'This kind of non-critical acceptance of a belief system is especially a feature of the three monotheistic religions.'
  5. 'Today, acceptance of ideas of supernatural causality is more common among women, while some men, particularly those with party or military backgrounds, reject such ideas.'
  6. 'Some studies have focused on the influence of the academic background of participants on their acceptance of belief in paranormal phenomena.'
  7. 'This also permitted the unbiased acceptance of new ideas.'
  8. 'There are the same paradoxes with rejection of some Western ideas and acceptance of others.'
  9. 'But on the North Shore, acceptance of the idea is slow in coming.'
  10. 'His evidence in favor of such a shift is instructive of his thinking and acceptance of Darwinian ideas.'
  11. 'a mood of resigned acceptance'
  12. 'His resigned acceptance of the situations in which the plot places him is a masterpiece of understated comedy acting and very, very effective.'
  13. 'This ethic of tolerant acceptance can also contribute to an inability to articulate a broader, normative vision of family life.'
  14. 'Parents, siblings, and extended family members hurt by past behavior sometimes found forgiveness and acceptance difficult.'
  15. 'Affirm this Hindu wisdom regularly to cultivate patience and wise acceptance, even of situations that tend to arouse anger.'
  16. 'But, what was intended as an evening of educating the public seemed to result in a call for mobilisation rather than sedate acceptance of situation.'
  17. 'Eastern mystical philosophies such as Buddhism promote an attitude of acceptance of suffering and difficulties which are an inevitable part of life.'
  18. 'His acceptance of the situation had dissolved and his confusion heightened once again.'
((n.) The act of accepting; a receiving what is offered, with approbation, satisfaction, or acquiescence; esp., favorable reception; approval; as, the acceptance of a gift, office, doctrine, etc.|--|(n.) State of being accepted; acceptableness.|--|(n.) An assent and engagement by the person on whom a bill of exchange is drawn, to pay it when due according to the terms of the acceptance.|--|(n.) The bill itself when accepted.|--|(n.) An agreeing to terms or proposals by which a bargain is concluded and the parties are bound; the reception or taking of a thing bought as that for which it was bought, or as that agreed to be delivered, or the taking possession as owner.|--|(n.) An agreeing to the action of another, by some act which binds the person in law.|--|(n.) Meaning; acceptation.|--|)


1. the act of taking or receiving something offered.

2. favorable reception; approval; favor.

3. the act of assenting or believing: acceptance of a theory.

4. the fact or state of being accepted or acceptable.

5. acceptation (def 1).

6. Commerce. an engagement to pay an order, draft, or bill of exchange when it becomes due, as by the person on whom it is drawn. an order, draft, etc., that a person or bank has accepted as calling for payment and has thus promised to pay.


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Mid 16th century: from Old French, from accepter (see accept).

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