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An instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body.
  1. 'To detect hard braking or cornering, the system uses an accelerometer that detects high g-forces on the vehicle.'
  2. 'The IMU consists of two main sensor types: gyroscopes or ‘gyros’ to measure angular rates and accelerometers to measure velocity rates.'
  3. 'In addition, NASA's second redesigned tank has been outfitted with temperature sensors and accelerometers, used to measure vibration.'
  4. 'The accelerometer is used to measure shocks and vibration caused by road roughness while the GPS unit records the truck position.'
  5. 'Other devices include oxygen sensors to check exhaust gases, accelerometers to detect any sudden sharp braking, and a range of pressure and temperature monitors.'
  6. 'In a passenger car, a linear accelerometer located near the front axle measures higher lateral acceleration than in the center or rear side.'
  7. 'One unit malfunctioned due to failure of one of the three internal accelerometers during a measurement period at home, and the subject was retested with another device.'
  8. 'An accelerometer was placed on one arm to measure gross body movements.'
  9. 'For example, sensors called accelerometers - which are used to cue airbags to deploy - can detect changes in speed and direction.'
  10. 'More recently, physical activity has been objectively measured through the deployment of accelerometers that are calibrated to monitor activity levels by the minute.'
((n.) An apparatus for measuring the velocity imparted by gunpowder.)

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