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A person or thing that causes something to happen or develop more quickly.
  1. 'The increase in the performance of graphics accelerators frees additional CPU cycles that can be used for real-time physical world modeling.'
  2. 'Moreover, ginger is also known as a metabolism accelerator.'
  3. 'Our study underscores the importance of elastin fragmentation in the vessel wall as an accelerator of atherosclerosis.'
  4. 'Smith was frightened enough to move fast - the sound of gunfire was an excellent accelerator.'
  5. 'an accelerator for start-up technology companies in Buenos Aires'
  6. 'Today, the city is bursting with incubators and accelerators, and events for startups.'
  7. 'He has established an accelerator for young entrepreneurs coming from Israel to build out their businesses in the heart of New York's burgeoning technology scene.'
  8. 'Our vision for 2020 is for the UK to be the most investment-friendly environment for fintech globally, attracting $4bn of venture investment and $4bn of institutional investment in corporate venture funds, accelerators and innovation programmes.'
  9. 'Across the country, business incubators and accelerators reflect the needs and wants of their respective communities.'
  10. 'A new agricultural technology business accelerator was officially launched last week out of St. Louis.'
A device, typically a foot pedal, which controls the speed of a vehicle's engine.
  1. figurative 'the bank will have its foot on the accelerator until the economy starts to recover'
  2. 'I easily left him behind without flooring the accelerator.'
  3. 'He hit the accelerator full on, no longer caring about traffic or the police.'
  4. 'The only thing I noticed was the engine braking which dragged the car slower when I took my foot off the accelerator.'
  5. 'He put the key into the ignition and fired the engine, then pressed the accelerator pedal down so that the engine roar drowned out Kate's next words.'
  6. 'When the driver takes his/her foot off the brake and puts it on the accelerator, the engine re-starts automatically and almost seamlessly.'
An apparatus for accelerating charged particles to high velocities; a particle accelerator.
  1. 'Not only do condensed matter physicists use accelerators, but particle physicists use superconductors and solid-state detectors.'
  2. 'The particle physics community began adapting existing high-energy accelerators to provide heavy-ion nuclear beams.'
  3. 'To study subatomic particles, physicists build giant accelerators that smash the particles together.'
  4. 'With stronger dipole magnets, an accelerator can push particles to much higher relativistic energies around the same-sized circular beam path.'
  5. 'However, as successful as they are in tackling problems such as the origin of mass and the asymmetry between matter and antimatter, accelerators cannot keep achieving higher and higher energies.'
  6. 'Accelerator design was, of course, a relatively new field, and Bell's work at Malvern consisted of tracing the paths of charged particles through accelerators.'
  7. 'Patel and his colleagues heated a sample with far more protons than an accelerator could provide, using a technique developed at Livermore in recent years for other purposes.'
  8. 'As particles travel through an accelerator, they give off a form of radiation known as synchrotron radiation.'
  9. 'Usually, they run around furiously like electrons in a super accelerator, bouncing wide, converging inside, slotting back towards the middle of the park.'
  10. 'Symptoms, also caused by rubber accelerators and chemical additives, include redness, itching, crusting, and blisters, resembling the reaction to poison ivy or poison oak.'
  11. 'Sometimes scrubs combine abrasive qualities from these granules with plant-based exfoliant accelerators, such as milk or fruit acids and certain essential oils.'
  12. 'The allergic reactions are caused by the presence of residual chemicals, such as accelerators belonging to types of thiuram, thiazoles, and carbonates, which often are used in the manufacture of both latex and synthetic gloves.'
  13. 'We would also use high doses of polycarboxilate high-range water reducer and nonchloride accelerators.'
  14. 'Other chemicals (eg, accelerators, antioxidants) are added for strength, stretch, and durability.'
  15. 'Calcium chloride or sodium chloride are the most commonly-used accelerators.'
  16. 'This causes scission of an initiator molecule which produces free radicals in the presence of an aliphatic amine accelerator.'
  17. 'What are potential catalysts or accelerators?'
  18. 'Chemical admixtures such as superplasticizers, accelerators, antifreezers, air entraining agents and many others are used to modify the grout properties and protect it from the environmental conditions.'
  19. 'Additionally, products such as tanning oils and tan accelerators are made to promote tanning.'
((n.) One who, or that which, accelerates. Also as an adj.; as, accelerator nerves.)


1. a person or thing that accelerates.

2. Automotive. a device, usually operated by the foot, for controlling the speed of an engine.

3. British. any two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle, as a motorcycle or motor scooter.

4. Photography. a chemical, usually an alkali, added to a developer to increase the rate of development.

5. Also called accelerant. Chemistry. any substance that increases the speed of a chemical change, as one that increases the rate of vulcanization of rubber or that hastens the setting of concrete, mortar, plaster, or the like.

6. Anatomy, Physiology. any muscle, nerve, or activating substance that quickens a movement.

7. Also called atom smasher, particle accelerator. Physics. an electrostatic or electromagnetic device, as a cyclotron, that produces high-energy particles and focuses them on a target.

8. Economics. acceleration coefficient.


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