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A vehicle's capacity to gain speed.
  1. 'We run very closely-spaced gear ratios to maximise the car's acceleration, and this means the ratio between engine speed and car speed is higher than at a more normal circuit.'
  2. 'We spent some time testing out the motor, checking idle speed, acceleration, different speeds and trim and then stopped for lunch.'
  3. 'This £50,440 model has amazing acceleration for a car of its size and engine type, as well as an impressive ride quality and surprisingly nimble handling.'
  4. 'To this day, the combination of acceleration, dynamic performance and braking power offered by the current 911 Turbo continues to set the model apart from its peers.'
  5. 'The Ford exhaust system will improve your vehicle's acceleration and passing power, and at the same, help improve its fuel mileage.'
  6. 'When batteries become significantly low, the unit limits top speed and acceleration to alert the operator to drive the vehicle to a charging location.'
  7. 'I looked expectantly at the speedo, thinking the sheer luxury of the vehicle was masking the sensation of speed and acceleration that must surely be happening all around it.'
  8. 'In city driving, nearly 50 percent of the energy needed to power your car goes to acceleration.'
  9. 'A spokesman for Shell said tests on 37 cars on the British market found most showed benefits in acceleration and power, and one in eight customers was now buying Optimax.'
  10. 'They have pace, speed, acceleration, penetration, and that priceless asset, mobility.'
  11. 'the acceleration of the industrialization process'
  12. 'The revenue acceleration that powered profit gains was widespread.'
  13. 'I hope it will be the vehicle for acceleration in improvements in the railway system.'
  14. 'They needed to imagine a special motionless container in order to understand such physical concepts as velocity and acceleration.'
  15. 'Mass, instantaneous velocity, acceleration, magnetic forces, and energy puzzled them much more.'
  16. 'Aristotle had no mathematical machinery for dealing with the concept of acceleration, so he analysed only states of uniform velocity.'
  17. 'The Joint Dark Energy Mission is designed to study the details of the universe's acceleration.'
  18. 'What we call gravity, Newton showed was nothing more than a special type of acceleration.'
  19. 'This equation of acceleration also applies to the motion of the satellite as it moves around the planet.'
  20. 'The first thing he recognized was that the forces we feel upon acceleration and the forces we feel when under the control of gravity are one and the same.'
  21. 'Newton's second law says the amount of force needed to accelerate the tableware is directly related to the rate of acceleration.'
  22. 'The Lorentz invariant applies to the four vectors: distance, velocity, acceleration and momentum.'
  23. 'Einstein warmed to the idea that the gravitational field of the rest of the Universe might explain centrifugal and other inertial forces resulting from acceleration.'
((n.) The act of accelerating, or the state of being accelerated; increase of motion or action; as, a falling body moves toward the earth with an acceleration of velocity; -- opposed to retardation.)


1. the act of accelerating; increase of speed or velocity.

2. a change in velocity.

3. Mechanics. the time rate of change of velocity with respect to magnitude or direction; the derivative of velocity with respect to time.


"There can be acceleration times."
"There can be acceleration problems."
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Late 15th century: from Latin acceleratio(n-), from accelerare ‘hasten’ (see accelerate).

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