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A member of an academy, especially the Royal Academy of Arts or the Académie française.
  1. 'Topgyal, a Tibetan academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was very excited at the news about the successful launch of the manned Shenzhou V spaceship that made China the third country in the world to send a man into space.'
  2. 'Then in 1841 he was promoted to an ordinary academician at the Academy.'
  3. 'The greatest academies seek the greatest academicians.'
  4. 'The documents speak of the appalling state the Academy of Sciences was in after Razumovsky - ramshackle buildings, destitute academicians who, not unlike their counterparts today, went unpaid for years.'
  5. 'First come the works of art produced by the academicians since the Academy was founded in 1752.'
  6. 'In 1901 Lyapunov was elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg and in the following year became an academician in applied mathematics of the Academy.'
  7. 'In their anger towards the city councilmen, the academicians decided it was at least better that the writing had been done by an academician - even one of the Academie Francaise.'
  8. 'The visit of the governor of the province galvanized the Soissons academicians into identifying their intellectual interests more carefully and in a more public venue.'
  9. 'On July 29, 1769, Huet was accepted as an academician at the Academie royale de Peinture et de Sculpture.'
An academic or intellectual.
  1. 'We are looking forward to publishing what promises to be an excellent series from this dedicated group of family physicians, teachers, and academicians.'
  2. 'Most heroes, being only mortal, in reality have clay feet and thus are subject to debunking and the type of revisionist history that our modern professors and academicians so dearly love.'
  3. 'Some are employed by the businesses themselves, while others are academicians who receive research contracts from private companies, much as they do grants from government agencies.'
  4. 'At other times, academicians or scholarly researchers have debated it in publications.'
  5. '‘The journal will be circulated among academicians, researchers and others associated with the tourism sector,’ says G. Chandramohan, Director of KITTS.'
  6. 'The academicians thus transformed their intellectual studies into civic action and promoted their vision of the value of scholarship and language to the larger community.'
  7. 'The book seems to be directed at academicians, researchers, musicians and conductors who would be performing a particular Beethoven work and seeking to understand the expressive elements in greater detail.'
  8. 'Already, many of these newly established private universities have been able to provide salaries and working conditions that have attracted a large number of expatriate scholars and even foreign academicians.'
  9. 'Microsoft makes its source code accessible to a variety of customers, partners, researchers, governments and academicians through the Shared Source Initiative.'
  10. 'Many academicians believe the accounting education model, which embraces both teaching and research dimensions, is outdated with little relevance to the changes taking place in the wider world.'
((n.) A member of an academy, or society for promoting science, art, or literature, as of the French Academy, or the Royal Academy of arts.|--|(n.) A collegian.|--|)


1. a member of an association or institution for the advancement of arts, sciences, or letters.

2. a follower or promoter of the traditional trends in philosophy, art, or literature: Reforms were instituted over the protests of the academicians.


"researchs can have academicians."
"people/places/organizations can have academicians."
"academicians can be in things."
"academicians can be at works."

Mid 18th century: from French académicien, from medieval Latin academicus (see academic).

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