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The environment or community concerned with the pursuit of research, education, and scholarship.
  1. 'So he returned to academia, to the famous university of Cambridge to study Global Politics.'
  2. 'The way to resolve this is to return education to academia and educational experts.'
  3. 'How did a man who had no experience in academia get to be president of the college?'
  4. 'Instead, academia sometimes draws criticism for apparently doing research for its own sake.'
  5. 'Do not rely on them for landing that assistant professor job, or anything else in academia.'
  6. 'The low numbers of these graduates in academia reflects the worldwide unpopularity of academic medicine.'
  7. 'I took a stroll across the university campus, a compact woodland grove of academia.'
  8. 'Youth is a rare species, and much loved - as much by art and academia as by market research.'
  9. 'Communities love to claim the achievers in sports and academia, the artists, and the good kids.'
  10. 'Similar influences are at work in the arts, education, academia and especially in the sphere of politics.'


1. (sometimes initial capital letter) the milieu or interests of a university, college, or academy; academe.


"There can be academia deis."
"academias can be in years."
"academias can be with locals."
"academias can be with helps."
"things can have academias."
"academias can be into hurly-burlies."
"academias can be in ses."
"academias can be for salaries."
"academias can be for kinds."
"academias can be for approvals."
"academias can be as tokens."
"academias can be after years."

1950s: from Latin (see academy).

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